Brazilian Silk Blowout

At Complexions, we care about wellness above all else in both our beauty and spa treatments. Choosing to offer Brazilian Silk Keratin Treatment was an easy choice. Not only does it leave a gorgeous, shiny finish, but it actually helps improve hair health in the process. It work on all hair types to leave the hair silky, shiny, smooth and manageable, while still allowing you to have control over the amount of volume and curl

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  • Bare Feet with a French Pedicure Soaking in a Bowl of Water

Spring Seasonal Specials

Complexions Spa Spring Specials Nothing's more divine than the first bloom of spring flowers. When tulips start popping out of the previously snow-covered soil, we're temporarily overwhelmed with the feeling of arctic relief...until the effects the harsh cold has had on our body begin to surface. Which is why we encourage you to take advantage of our Spring Seasonal Specials. We feature these four seasonal services until June 21st to directly target your

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Beat Aging From The Inside Out

No more juggling bottles and figuring out what to take. The Anti-Aging Formula Daily Packs by VitaMedica make taking your morning and evening packets convenient. The packets combine top-selling multi-vitamins, minerals, organic flax seed oil and antioxidants, making it easy and convenient to stick with a supplement routine. This supplement pack is ideal for those who lead active, busy lifestyles and need the on-the-go essential nutrients to support long-term health and wellness. The 30 dual

Rejuvenate Summer Skin Radiance

Whether you soak in the sun or sit in air conditioned rooms all day, you'll begin to feel the drying effects both environments have on your skin sooner or later. As in most cases, the best defense against dry skin is prevention. At Complexions, we have just what you need to keep hydrated through summer and all year long. Sweet Almond has long been known for its intensively conditioning properties. With holistic health and

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Sun-kissed Skin The Safe Way

The sun is finally out and many of us are tempted to take advantage of soaking in all the sunlight to achieve that long-lasting, golden-bronze tan. Even if you are a sunscreen superstar, baking in the sun and exposing yourself to potentially dangerous UV rays, isn't the only way to do just that. At Complexions, we believe in keeping you safe and healthy while you look your best. That's why we suggest giving Infinity

Sip Smarter This Season

Summer officially begins on June 21 and we're welcoming the warm weather months by serving a healthy, new range of cool down refreshments in our Wellness Spa Lounge.   This summer we will kick-off the opening of our new Smoothie Bar with eight tempting flavors made from 100 percent real fruits and vegetables. Not only are these blended beverages simply irresistible, but they are also packed with enough superfood-punch to cure almost anything that

Summer Skincare101

Thursday's storm brought a heavy downpour across a majority of the region, but the forecast for Father's Day weekend is looking much brighter! That means it's time to bust out the SPF-infused skincare products if you plan on heading into the sunshine to celebrate!    Seasonal changes can carry an array of skin obstacles, but at Complexions Spa for Beauty & Wellness you will find all those needs met. This handy roundup of three

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Make Every Day Happier and Healthier, inspired by ISpa Annual Meeting

A Healthier And Happier Lifestyle Is Coming I recently returned from the International Spa Conference in Austin, Texas. The theme of the conference was "simplicity" and getting back to the root of the spa industry. I attended classes for 5 days on business, trends, financials, managing and more. The one consistent topic that kept coming up was the current concerns with our health care system and how prevention needs to be a part of

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Help Fund Breast Cancer Research with Pink Hair Extensions & Pomegranate Pedicures

From now until October 31st, Complexions in Albany NY will be offering two different ways for you to help fund the fight: 1.) Pink Hair Extensions For Hope Extensions ($10.00 each) - Your donation will be given IN FULL to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Each $10 dollar donation includes the application and removal of one Pink SO.CAP.USA Hair Extension! 2.) Pink Pomegranate Pedicure ($75.00) - With $15.00 of each & every service going directly to the American Cancer Society, this delicious 50 minute treatment using Eco-Friendly Complexions Pomegranate rich in anti-oxidants. The Think Pink Pomegranate Pedicure is a special, super-healthy treatment that makes you feel good from the inside out, pampering your toes while giving back to an important cause.

Complexions Wins Salon of Distinction from SALON TODAY magazine

Just received notice from Salon Today magazine that we are one of the winners for the 2009 Salon of the Year contest. We were voted as a Salon of Distinction. I am really excited about this honor. There were over 100 salon's entered from around the world. The designs were amazing for all the salons. I am very proud to be listed among the other winners. Check out the June issue of the Salon

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