The cut that keeps giving

We just want to draw special attention to a very generous client who made an eight-inch donation to Pantene Beautiful Lengths this week. Senior Stylist Jenna Collandra chopped away her strands, which will go to helping make wigs for cancer patients, and gave her this adorable new cut.

Beat Aging From The Inside Out

No more juggling bottles and figuring out what to take. The Anti-Aging Formula Daily Packs by VitaMedica make taking your morning and evening packets convenient. The packets combine top-selling multi-vitamins, minerals, organic flax seed oil and antioxidants, making it easy and convenient to stick with

Learn how to get your bronze on

Summer months generally mean mastering the fresh-faced, "just came from the islands" glow. To help you achieve just that, our make-up artists are on-hand to offer individualized consultations to help unleash the secrets of professional make-up application.  Feel free to bring in the cosmetics you 

Meet the Team: Chris’ Fun Fact

Senior stylist by day, June's stylist of the month, Chris also has a theatrical background in performance. Ironically, Chris had a principle role in the touring production of the musical Hairspray, where he took the stage as Link Larkin. Keeping to his theatre roots, Chris

Summer Skincare101

Thursday's storm brought a heavy downpour across a majority of the region, but the forecast for Father's Day weekend is looking much brighter! That means it's time to bust out the SPF-infused skincare products if you plan on heading into the sunshine to celebrate!   

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Meet the Team: Christopher – Senior Stylist

The June stylist star of the month is...Chris! Get to know the man behind the chair: Christopher joined Complexions Hair Design Studio after graduating from Austin’s School of Spa Technology as one of their top students. He began his career as an accomplished makeup artist

Make Every Day Happier and Healthier, inspired by ISpa Annual Meeting

I recently returned from the International Spa Conference in Austin, Texas. The theme of the conference was "simplicity" and getting back to the root of the spa industry. I attended classes for 5 days on business, trends, financials, managing and more. The one consistent topic

Healthy Feet, Happy Feet!

The average person will walk about 70,000 miles in their lifetime: That’s a lot to ask of our feet!   The average person will walk about 70,000 miles in their lifetime, and many will walk more than that! No wonder why so many of us

Holiday Season Wrap Up

Wow, we finished up the holiday season on a high note.  Considering the state of our economy, spa services have proved to be tops on the mind as a great gift idea for the special people in our lives.  Not only does a spa gift

Help Fund Breast Cancer Research with Pink Hair Extensions & Pomegranate Pedicures

From now until October 31st, Complexions in Albany NY will be offering two different ways for you to help fund the fight: 1.) Pink Hair Extensions For Hope Extensions ($10.00 each) - Your donation will be given IN FULL to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Each $10 dollar donation includes the application and removal of one Pink SO.CAP.USA Hair Extension! 2.) Pink Pomegranate Pedicure ($75.00) - With $15.00 of each & every service going directly to the American Cancer Society, this delicious 50 minute treatment using Eco-Friendly Complexions Pomegranate rich in anti-oxidants. The Think Pink Pomegranate Pedicure is a special, super-healthy treatment that makes you feel good from the inside out, pampering your toes while giving back to an important cause.