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William F. DeLuca Jr. MD

Merging science and beauty in an eco-friendly wellness facility, Complexions, operated by William F. Deluca, JR., M.D., P.C., is the paradigm med spa. Men and women from around the capital region come to meet the professionally trained medical professionals for their experience and thoughtful application of advanced FDA -approved, non surgical cosmetic procedures.

We invite you to experience a wide range of medical aesthetics treatments such as; injectable Dermal fillers and NeuromodulatorsMicroneedlingIV Nutritional infusions, Weight Loss programs,  Nordlys I2PL Skin Rejuvenation, eMatrix, a Sublative revitalization treatment for skin smoothing and wrinkle reduction, Sublime skin tightening, HydraFacials,  microdermabrasion and chemical exfoliation,   GentleMAX Pro laser hair removal, VelaShape III body contouring, and SmoothBeam laser treatment for acne, acne scarring, and sebaceous hyperplasia and more.

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Karen Carrington | Registered Nurse

We have a team of experts who are ready to help you look and feel your very best. For over 18 years, Karen Carrington has dedicated herself to the art and science of medical aesthetics. As a registered nurse at our spa, Karen brings her expertise and passion to create personalized rejuvenation programs for our esteemed clients. She holds a Master Injector competency training certificate from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, showcasing her comprehensive knowledge and experience with a wide range of injectables including Botulinum Toxins (Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport), dermal fillers (Juvéderm, Restylane, Radiesse, Belotero, etc.), Sculptra, and Kybella. Proficient in Micro Needling and radio frequency (RF) for skin tightening, Karen’s mission is to listen to her clients’ concerns, set realistic expectations, and create customized treatment plans to help them achieve their desired goals. Book a consultation with Karen and embark on a personalized journey to inner wellness and outer beauty.

We recommend starting with a Get to Know You unique skin analysis consultation using VISIA® – an advanced 3D digital complexion analysis system to discover areas of concerns and realize your goals. Then a Complexions expert will create a customized treatment program designed specifically for you and your desired results .

The analysis results obtained from the VISIA® skin analysis system will provide detailed information regarding UV photo damage, pores, bacteria, wrinkles, vascular health, textual variations, lash analysis, along with percentile scores which will provide the framework for creating a customized treatment.   The treatment plans combine a variety of modalities that can rejuvenate your skin, correct damage from the sun, restore collagen, and help you maintain a healthy, more youthful, natural glow with little to no downtime.

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Chemical Peel Complexions Medspa - Procedure Performed

Remove damaged skin and reveal a younger, clearer, more radiant complexion.

ematrix Sublative Rejuvenation - Albany & Saratoga, NY

Treat mild to moderate wrinkles and textural skin irregularities for all skin types.

Facial Rejuvenation - Albany & Saratoga, NY

Craft a customized facial renewal program with the appropriate modalities for optimal results.

HydraFacial Treatment - Woman Receiving Treatment

Non-invasive skincare treatment designed to cleanse, extract, and hydrate the skin.

I2PL Skin Rejuvenation - Albany & Saratoga, NY

Our I2PL skin rejuvenation is perfect for many common skin imperfections and anti-aging.

Injectables and fillers - Woman getting injectable in eyebrow

Injectables and fillers reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging.

IV Nutrition Therapy - Nurse holding IV bag with water and fruit

Supports a wide range of health conditions, including fatigue, chronic illnesses, and more.

Woman receiving Laser Genesis Skin Rejuvenation on her face

Stimulate new collagen production, soften fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin texture.

Laser Hair Removal - Albany & Saratoga, NY

Gently removes hair with faster treatment times and decreased sensation.

Laser Treatment For Acne and Acne Scarring - Albany & Saratoga, NY

Clear all types of acne without side effects, discomfort, photo-sensitivity or downtime.

LED Light Therapy - Albany & Saratoga, NY

Heal skin wounds, decrease inflammatory cells, increase microcirculation, and more.

Microcurrent Facial - Complexions Medspa - Procedure Performed

Regenerating treatment designed for aging skin, to reduce wrinkles and increase plump, firm skin.

Microdermabrasion - Albany & Saratoga, NY

Exfoliation that removes the uppermost layer of dead skin cells from the face, chest & hands.

Microneedling - Medical Spa Services

Increases the amount of collagen in your skin creating a younger, fresher looking appearance.

Woman's face with have clear skin and the other half is splotchy and red -Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF)

Experience the profound effects of this innovative treatment, as your skin becomes luminous, youthful, and renewed.

Sublime Skin Tightening - Albany & Saratoga, Ny

Comfortably reverse the signs of aging and achieve a more youthful appearance.

Vascu Lyse - Vascu Lyse Hyperpigmentation & Skin Tag Laser Therapy - Woman's Face With Face Blemish

Non-invasive electrocoagulation treatment treats skin imperfections such as vascular blemishes and skin tags.

VelaShape III - Albany & Saratoga, NY

VelaShape III™, an FDA-approved cellulite and circumferential (inches just disappear!) treatment.

DeLuca Plastic Surgery

Here at Complexions Spa we’ve found that combining many different modalities is the key to beautiful, youthful skin. We are proud to partner with DeLuca Plastic Surgery to give our clients yet another avenue to achieve the results they desire.

DeLuca Plastic Surgery specializes in exceptional cosmetic plastic surgery of the face, breast, and body. The practice has built up an incredibly strong reputation as a destination for quality cosmetic plastic surgery – attracting patients from Albany, Saratoga, New York City, and the surrounding areas. Dr. William DeLuca and Dr. David Tauber are both board-certified plastic surgeons dedicated to achieving the best and most natural looking results for all of their patients.

Over the years, the surgeons at DeLuca Plastic Surgery have honed their craft by completing thousands of successful cosmetic procedures.

  • Over 2,000 successful breast augmentation, breast lift, breast lift + implant, breast implant revision, tubular/tuberous breast correction, and gynecomastia surgeries
  • Over 1,500 successful tummy tuck, liposuction, and mommy makeovers
  • Over 1,500 successful rhinoplasty, facelift, chin implant, and eyelid lift surgeries
  • Over 2,500 successful Botox, Juvederm, and Radiesse injections
DeLuca Plastic Surgery - Albany, NY
DeLuca Plastic Surgery
5 Ulenski Dr
Albany, NY 12205
fax (518) 724-2445
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