The Balancing Act of Being a Mom and Owning a Business

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Wow, Does It Become Extremely Exhausting At Times

The day to day tasks that are so routine.  I love my boys so of course they come first, but then there is the pressure of getting everything done at the spa.  My days are so regimented and planned out.  I get up, I get the boys up, breakfast for them and my husband, and off to work.  I have a little time to get myself ready to face the day at the spa.  It takes me 15 minutes to drive  to work.  The minute I walk in, it’s ‘non stop busy!  If it’s not an employee asking me a question, it’s a sales person on the phone, a customer that wants to see me, and phone calls that need to be returned.    So many people ask me how I balance it all.  I am truly exhausted.  When I finish work, I have to get to my boys school to pick them up, then make dinner, prepare lunches for the next day and get them to bed.  There usually isn’t much time left over for me.  I do somehow manage to work four workouts in every week.  They are a special break for me, just me.  When I do sit down, at the end of the day, I can feel my self sigh slightly with relieve that the day is over and I can rest for a few hours.  The crazy thing about this all is that I love my work.  I only wish there were a few more hours in the day.  Every minute is accounted for and there isn’t much wasted time left over.  When you own your own business you never really leave it when you walk out the door………

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I serve on and support several community charity committees as I believe it’s important to give back. In my spare time I love hiking and fishing in the Adirondacks, equestrian sports and thoroughbreds, fine wine, skiing, golf, and traveling to distant locations. I also love early mornings in the gym exercising, pilates, my dog, cooking, and sharing time with my husband and two children, good friends and family.