May Spa Specials

Forest Bathing Massage

The Japanese tradition of Shinrin-Yoku (literally Forest Air Bathing) involves spending time in the forests for the health benefits this can bring. Increased immune function, reduced stress levels and lower blood pressure are just some of the benefits that may come from breathing the essential oils released by trees. This massage therapy recreates the forest in your treatment room and includes flowing massage, light joint release techniques, stretching movements to open joints and loosen muscles and hot towel compresses protecting the lungs and stimulating immunity.    

Take home a Eucalyptus Shower Mist for continued benefits at home! a $20.00 value.

$165.00 | Book Now

Detox & Balance Seaweed Body Wrap

Detox and balance your entire body with a seaweed treatment designed to exfoliate and replenish the skin with amino acids, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants. Dry brushing is incorporated to gently exfoliate and boost microcirculation, bringing blood and oxygen to the surface of the skin, aiding in the detoxification process. A powerful seaweed paste, harvested from Iceland, combined with a synergy of essential oils stimulates the lymphatic system, reduces bloat, and removes toxins from the body resulting in restored vitality and a healthy glow.

For May only, take home a FREE Farmhouse Fresh Body Oil for soft, supple skin! a $10.00 value.

$129.00 | Book Now

Rejuvenescence Signature Facial

Our newest signature facial is a complete renewal of youthfulness and vitality for your skin. This innovative facial couples dermaplaning, dermal rolling and powerful plant stem cells to help rejuvenate the skin’s appearance and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. The result is plumper, more radiant, younger-looking skin. As our gift to you, you’ll receive a dermal roller for home use.

For May only, take home a FREE Cosmedix skincare kit! an $85 value.

$225.00 | Book Now