Winter Spa Specials

Exotic Body Polish

This exceptional skin softening body exfoliation uses the Earth’s age old panacea of fossilized pink Himalayan rock salt dating back 250 million years. Crystalline pink salt containing 84 minerals essential to human life and created in the pristine eco–system of the Himalaya, restores the body’s natural energy and ability to self-heal. Combined with organic aromatherapy oils, customized to meet your needs, this rich nourishing blend will leave your skin feeling fresh, smooth and revitalized.

Now through March, take home a Farmhouse Fresh Fluffy Bunny Shea Butter for use at home! a $12.00 value.

$86.00 | Book Now

Moisture Repair Facial with Dermaplaning

In this hydrating treatment, skin is immediately replenished with deeply hydrating botanical serums. A soothing Enzyme exfoliation, smooths and calms stressed skin followed with a face and neck massage utilizing a healing balm which provides skin with a renewed radiance, improved barrier, and protection from harsh environmental elements. We’ve added dermaplaning to help exfoliate skin, aid in product penetration, and leave skin extra smooth.

Now through March, this treatment includes a Hyaluronic Acid Mask for a boost of hydration! a $30.00 value.

$171.00 | Book Now

Shea Butter Drizzle Massage

Based on classic European techniques, this deeply relaxing massage treatment helps to soothe and relax an over stressed nervous system inducing a feeling of well being. The extract from the West African shea tree is one of the known natural skin healers and moisturizers. It gives the skin relief from blemishes, itching, sunburns, small wounds, eczema, skin allergies, and wrinkles. Perfect for combating dry winter skin.

Now through March, take home a Farmhouse Fresh Fluffy Bunny Shea Butter for use at home! a $12.00 value.

$145.00 | Book Now

Infrared Sauna Blanket Detox Treatment

The healing power of infrared deeply penetrates the body for a palpable detoxifying experience. Without moving a muscle, get a full body workout that expedites recovery, makes your skin glow, calms your central nervous system and naturally releases a dose of happy chemicals. Your treatment includes a detox juice shot and exfoliation treatment in the shower.

$80.00 (normally $95.00!)  OR   6 Treatments for $480 (Buy 5 Treatments, Get 1 Free!)

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Wellness Pedicure

This therapeutic experience is literally where medi (medical) meets pedi (pedicure). Assisting with foot calluses, cracked skin on the heels, and feet, nail fungus, and even essential foot care for diabetics, your feet will be restored to good condition through this medically based treatment. Performed by our CMP (certified master pedicurist) through the North American school of Podology.

Now through March, receive a FREE Footlogix DD Foam for continued results and maintenance at home! a $12.00 value.

$80.00 | Book Now

Conditioning Haircut

Treat your dry hair and scalp during the cold winter months! Our new Conditioning Haircut includes a complimentary deep conditioning treatment with your haircut to restore hair and impart much needed moisture. Deep conditioning can help prevent damage to the hair through moisture, texture and penetration of the hair shaft.

Now through March, receive a FREE CBD Hair Mask by L’ANZA for continued hydration at home!

Infused with 85 mg of pure isolate and deeply moisturizing botanicals, including Natural Green Tea & Coconut Oil, this mask will to add moisture to your locks after just one use! an $18.00 value.

$52.00+ | Book Now

Keratin Healing Oil Emergency Treatment

The Keratin Healing Oil Emergency Treatment is our pure luxury after-color service back bar treatment. It restores hairs integrity & heals hair from harsh chemicals, thermal trauma from blow dryers & hot tools, and environmental aggressors.

Now through March, receive a FREE Healing Oil Treatment for home use! an $15.00 value.

$25.00 | Book Now