Two years ago I had the honor of hearing John Wooden speak at an ISpa conference in Los Vegas.  He slowly walked out onto the stage with a cane and sat in a wing back chair and spoke for about 90 minutes.  He spoke of the life lessons he taught his basketball players.  There was not a dry eye in the house as he talked so passionately about his coaching philosophies that apply to really any situation in life.  Whether it is playing on a sports team, using it in business, or simply daily living.  What really stuck with me was his description of what success means.

“It isn’t the winning or the loosing that matters, but whether you gave it your best shot”

The outcome isn’t what matters but how you got there that does.

I was in my sons school the other day and I spotted the VSH tape on the shelf in my sons guidance counselors office.  He offered it to me to borrow.  I watched it with my sons and husband.  I really enjoyed hearing him speak once again.  He talked about his pyramid of SUCCESS.  When I heard John Wooden speak in Las Vegas, I bought his book for my son.  I hope one day, as he matures, he will read that book and find those inspirational words as encouraging as I did.  Each block of the pyramid has a special meaning.  Simple meaning, but very powerful!

Yesterday, I used that VHS tape one more time before returning it to the guidance department at my sons school.  I used it during our monthly staff meeting and we talked about the fact that we are only as good as our last client we take care of…  Are we doing the best we can each and every time we have the privilege of performing a spa service for one of our guests!  It was a motivating meeting.  I plan to use Mr. Wooden’s book for future meetings.  I think we can all learn very valuable lessons each step of the pyramid.