What You Need To Know About The NYSERDA Loan Application Process

At one of our SAIC and NYSERDA meetings we learned about the NYSERDA LOAN FUND.  It was an opportunity for us to reduce our mortgage rate by 4 interest percentage points.  In order to move on this we had to  fill out an application at the start of the project.  We also had to have the bank preapproved and they also submitted an application as our bank.  As the project proceeded we  had to compile all of our expenses and supporting documentation along with receipts for the total cost of the project.   Everything that we used in an effort to attemp LEED certification qualified under the loan fund.  This included consultants that we used, cost of construction as well as the materials cost.  We were able to apply approximately $800,000. of our costs to the loan fund.

We scheduled a final meeting with NYSERDA and presented them with a completed binder categorizing everything for them.   It took several weeks for them to review all the documentation and receipts.  They asked some final questions and then we waited. ….. We finally got word from them and we have been approved.  It is amazing.  They sent a check to our bank and reduced our interest rate 4% points.  This greatly reduced our monthly mortgage payment and greatly eased the strain of expenses for us.  This will save us thousands of dollars over the life of our mortgage.  The loan money comes from fines that are paid by the companines that are penalized for not following  the strict rules and regulations that protect our environment.  It then goes to help companies like Complexions,  do the right thing and to set an example for others to follow suite.  I feel strongly that opportunities like the one that NYSERDA offers are wonderful incentives for businesses to persue.