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Special Treatment Packages Designed Around You

Balance is the key to health and can be achieved with one of our Spa Experience packages designed to provide maximum benefits for your personal needs. All of our spa and wellness packages can be personalized according to your desired length of stay and your personal goals. Each Spa Experience package can also be made available in a gift certificate format as a wonderful personalized gift of health and wellness.

Signature Experience

Searching for the ultimate collection of spa treatments? Indulge in all of our most popular and sought after services brought together just for you.

$586.00 | book now

  • Forest Bathing Massage

  • Rejuvenessence Facial

  • Signature Manicure

  • Spa Pedicure

  • Blow Dry Styling

Recover and Restore Experience

A nurturing spa experience customized to your body’s individual needs. All of your concerns will be addressed with these treatments to help, heal and restore balance.

$436.00 | book now

  • Body Exfoliation

  • Recover and Restore Ritual Wrap

  • Therapeutic Custom Massage

  • Wellness Pedicure

  • Blow Dry Styling

Beauty and Wellness Experience

Breath new life into your body. Choose this experience when you are in search of relaxation and wellbeing. These luxurious treatments will leave your body and mind in perfect harmony.

$562.00 | book now

  • Body Exfoliation

  • Detox and Repair Seaweed Wrap

  • Aromatic Alchemy Massage

  • Vitamin C Facial

  • Blow Dry Styling

Serenity Experience

Ease away stress and tension with this unique collection of relaxing treatments. You will be left feeling at peace and with renewed energy.

$450.00 | book now

  • Body Exfoliation

  • Serenity Ritual Wrap

  • Aromatic Alchemy Massage

  • Rejuvenating Manicure

  • Blow Dry Styling

Custom Two Hour Time Journey

Customize the Spa Experience you wish to  have with a personalized Time Journey.

$300.00 | book now

  • Foot Ritual

  • Body Oil and Salt Scrub

  • Custom Massage

  • Choose from an extended 80 min. massage or add a Refresher Facial

We are pleased to also offer a complete menu of healthy food options to add to any of our spa Experience Packages for your enjoyment. We work with local restaurants and have created a seasonal menu with health and wellness in mind.