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Tranquil Spa Packages, Experiences, Routine Services, & More!

Complexions Spa offers a variety of soothing and tranquil spa packages created to provide the perfect spa experience. Along with our traditional spa services and medspa services, purchasing a spa package is optimal for enduring a satisfying and uplifting spa day.

Our deluxe services include our Spa Experience packages, which are made up of a diverse blend of our most popular services. These packages include a range of services including a massage, facial, manicure, body exfoliation, and more. Find the perfect package for you and treat yourself right!

The second type of package that we offer are our Specialty Wellness Programs. These programs require a routine visit to the spa and focus on reducing long-term or reoccurring ailments. Whether you are seeking to restore your skin, manage stress, alleviate pain, relax while pregnant, or concentrate on age management, we have a wellness package for you.

Last, but not least, is our Spa Series Packages. These packages take some of our most popular services and bulk them into a regular routine package. Purchasing a series of the same service can save you money overtime and allow you to add this moment of zen to your calendar. A great way to give you something to look forward to! These include spa services such as manicures, pedicures, blow dry services, facials, massages, and more.

Make sure to look over all of our various treatments and find the perfect fit for you!

Spa Experience Packages - Complexions Spa

Our premium spa experiences are the perfect option to enjoy a relaxing and revitalizing spa day. A variety of services guaranteed to make you feel great!

Spa Wellness Programs - Complexions Spa

Our Specialty Wellness Programs include packages focused on beauty and wellness enhancements. They are designed to alleviate reoccurring ailments.

Individual Spa Series Services - Complexions Spa

Complexions Spa offers a variety of individual series services designed to offer our customers the option for routine treatments at a discounted price.