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Spray Tan Services

Are you looking for a glowing, beautiful spray tan?  You won’t need to head to the islands for this gorgeous glow! You can now take advantage of the same tanning technology used by Hollywood celebrities for red carpet appearances. Complexions Spa for Beauty & Wellness is proud to use the Infinity Sun spray tanning system, an environmentally-friendly and healthy alternative to traditional UV tanning treatments. No matter what your natural complexion, body, or skin type, an Infinity Sun spray tan can be customized to give you the natural-looking bronze tone you have been dreaming of.

The handheld, professional airbrush system delivers an extra-fine mist that over the entire body. With its even distribution, there is no need to worry about missed areas, smears, spotting, or streaking. As an added bonus, it is uniquely suited to handle hard-to-tan areas such as:

  • Underarms
  • Chin and neck
  • Bikini area

In some cases, the spray tan takes as little as 3 minutes to complete, and best of all, it comes with the full benefit of all of our luxurious spa facilities and amenities.  With each session, you will receive personal attention from one of our beauty care professionals, who will tailor the regimen to suit your needs and the unique character of your skin. We are dedicated to providing our clients with an experience that not only delivers beautiful results, but also leaves them feeling utterly relaxed and content. You deserve to be pampered, so reserve your appointment at Complexions Spa for Beauty & Wellness today.