Man and Woman Enjoy a Couples Massage at Complexions Spa in Albany & Saratoga NY

Rituals Of Touch – Unique, Exotic & Traditional Massage Therapy Treatments

Using ancient methods of hands-on healing, Complexions Spa offers an array of unique massage therapy and body rituals from around the world using 100% certified natural and organic ingredients that release muscular tension and restore physical and emotional well-being. All expertly trained Complexions massage therapists are New York State licensed professionals.

Our massage therapy treatments all possess unique attributes and techniques. These massage treatments are designed to nurture the areas of the body that need the most attention. View our massage therapy menu below and find the right treatment for you. If you are looking for a massage therapy session with some of our other spa services, please see our spa experience packages.

CBD Oil Massage

A 90-minute custom massage therapy created specifically for pain management and soothing overall muscle & joint discomfort. Combining powerful CBD oil, anti-inflammatory Arnica and LED phototherapy, this treatment is ideal for anyone that suffers from chronic pain related to a variety of health conditions. Your body will go into a deep state of relaxation and you’ll feel an immediate alleviation of pain and muscle tension. CBD oil has also been found to ease anxiety. There is no “high” associated with CBD oil.

Your treatment ends with a cup of Naturopathica tea! You’ll also leave with the remainder of your CBD oil for home use.

90 minutes | $220.00 |  book now

Himalayan Rock Salt Massage

This highly relaxing and re-mineralizing body massage therapy uses warm, hand-carved salt stones from the Himalayan Mountains to gently soothe away an accumulation of stress and tension to bring the mind, body and spirit into balance. It stabilizes the central nervous system and nourishes depleted cells, leaving the body in a deep state of relaxation. Stimulation of specific meridians on the body allow for improved sleep and reduced inflammation to give an immediate sense of improved well-being.

90 minutes | $216.00 |  book now

Forest Bathing Massage

The Japanese tradition of Shinrin-Yoku (literally Forest Air Bathing) involves spending time in the forests for the health benefits this can bring. Increased immune function, reduced stress levels and lower blood pressure are just some of the benefits that may come from breathing the essential oils released by trees. This massage therapy recreates the forest in your treatment room and includes flowing massage, light joint release techniques, stretching movements to open joints and loosen muscles and hot towel compresses protecting the lungs and stimulating immunity.

75 minutes |$190.00 | book now

Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage

A more intensive massage treatment custom tailored to specific areas of tension, soreness, and chronic discomfort. This curative massage includes the use of a powerful anti-inflammatory Arnica, to complement and enhance the benefits.  Extracts of birch and pine, along with moist heat and deep tissue techniques help improve flexibility and mobility in the muscle to unlock patterns of  tension.  Designed for those seeking a firmer, more therapeutic treatment.

60-90-120 minutes | $137.00/$190.00/$262.00 | book now

Therapeutic Percussion Massage

A relaxing and effective 90-minute, deep tissue massage using deep vibration that reaches places hands can’t. Ideal for sports recovery, soft tissue and muscle pain, aching ligaments and tendons to help relieve tension and discomfort.. It rapidly stimulates blood flow to a specific area which allows muscles to let go of their tension so you can relax and heal.

90 minutes | $200.00 | book now

Head & Neck Recovery Massage

A remarkable experience that integrates an exquisite steamed organic herbal poultice with a combination of massage techniques to provide relief and recovery along your back, shoulders, neck, face, and crown, where stress manifests itself most. Feet are not forgotten; attention to them provides a storybook ending for complete health and harmony.

60 minutes | $137.00 | book now

Couples Massage

For a shared massage therapy experience, in both our Albany and Saratoga locations, enjoy any of our massages, side-by-side in our private ‘Metta’ (loving kindness) couples suite. You may also enjoy use of our couples hydrotherapy tub with chromatherapy for an additional fee.

Price based on massage(s) selected | Please call the spa to schedule this service.

Hot Poultice Thai Massage

Drift away tensions while enjoying this unforgettable hot poultice massage. Unchanged since the 14th century, this amazing ritual incorporates one of our three indigenous organic herbal poultice blends for your specific needs (Samunprai for Detoxification, Indigo for Healing, or Kamatan for Deep Relaxation). Acupressure is used to open all the energy channels, followed by massaging the deep medicinal heat of the poultice into the muscles to release tensions and revitalize your mind. We then seal all the energy of this treatment with a hands on oil massage. Take your body on a journey of total renewal.

Choose from three different varieties of poultices: a Revitalizing Herbal Poultice for tension relief and combating fatigue, a Calming Herbal Poultice for relieving anxiety, insomnia, and stimulating digestion, or the Indigo Herbal Poultice for detoxification, combating inflammation, and improving circulation. The poultice is yours to take home for continued use.

105 minutes | $259.00 | book now

Hot Stone and Sage Therapy

This massage therapy treatment utilizes radiant heat from ancient river stones that penetrate deep into knots and tension, stimulating release and repair.  Your relaxation and vitality are enhanced with aromatic oils from crushed sage leaves and organic lavenders.

90 minutes | $209.00 | book now

Aromatic Alchemy

Experience the healing effects of aromatherapy in a relaxing and restorative massage.  Your ‘Spa Sommelier’ will introduce you to a flight of organic, aromatic essential oil blends and together you will design your service according to the scents you love and the outcome you desire.   Acupressure along with the individually chosen blend will re-balance your vital energies, restoring harmony and calm to your body and mind.

60 minutes | $186.00 | book now

Relaxation Massage

Based on classic European techniques, this deeply relaxing massage treatment helps to soothe and relax an over stressed nervous system inducing a feeling of well being.

60-90-120 minutes | $125.00/$178.00/$240.00 | book now

60 min Relaxation Massage with Balneotherapy | $164.00 | book now

Serenity Soak & Massage

A healing experience is yours as you enjoy a custom soak and massage using our salt and essential oil blend.  Your body and mind will become one as peace, balance and harmony are restored, awakening the loving kindness within yourself. Perfect for couples.

90 minutes | $164.00 | book now

Uplift Serenity Soak & Massage

Breathe new life into your entire body with our renewing massage and soak featuring our custom blend of salts and essential oils.  This experience will invigorate and uplift tired muscles as well as revitalize your mind.

90 minutes | $164.00 | book now

Ease Kindness Soak & Massage

Enjoy a restorative massage and soak customized for you using our salt and essential oil blend.  Paired together these treatments will help to ease sore achy muscles and leave you thoroughly relaxed and rejuvenated.

90 minutes | $164.00 | book now

Pregnancy Massage

A special blend of mother and baby safe oils designed to relax mind and body, while nourishing and conditioning the skin, elevate this pre-natal massage experience.  This massage will help you enjoy your body and bring you into a state of peaceful contentment-soothing some of the possible discomforts than can accompany pregnancy such as water retention, headaches and neck tension, cramping, and of course stretch marks.  Mother and baby both will find peace and relaxation with this soothing massage.

Happy Mommy = Happy Baby

60 minutes | $137.00 | book now

Pregnancy massage - Happy Baby

Ancient Sands Therapeutic Massage (Albany location only)

Awaken the senses, alleviate the body and renew the soul with this ultra-purifying massage therapy treatment. Heralded as a new concept rooted in ancient tradition, this psammo (Greek for ‘sand’) treatment is performed on our Alpha-Quartz Sand Table. Designed to bring ultimate wellness, the sand is heated as you lie on the bed that is covered with a hygienic sheet that is used to prevent the sand from sticking to the body. After you are positioned comfortably into the sand, the warmth will begin to permeate the skin for a deep and relaxing experience that removes toxins, alleviates pain, reduces inflammation, improves stiff joints and pain, and promotes relaxing comfort for the body and soul. The Alpha-Quartz Sand Table can be added to any body service in place of the standard massage table for an additional $45.

60 minutes | $182.00 | book now

Golf Ball Massage

This therapeutic massage incorporates the use of golf balls for deep tissue manipulation of specific areas of tension, soreness, and chronic discomfort. This curative massage improve flexibility and mobility in your muscles─ sports enthusiast or not. The SPA-ball is yours to take home for continued use.

60 minutes | $137.00 | book now


This natural healing technique relieves stress, promotes relaxation, increases blood circulation and helps to balance the body through stimulation of pressure points on the feet. Enjoy a gentle foot exfoliation and hydrating mint rescue cream to leave feet soft and smooth.

50 minutes | $125.00 | book now


A hands on traditional massage incorporating shiatsu based elements. Using a combination of  ancient oriental techniques including pressure points along the body’s energy pathways and gentle stretching, this massage will help restore balance and relieve tension and stress.

60 minutes | $119.00 | book now

Chakra Awakening

Bask in the scents of 7 luxurious essential oil blends, each one attuned to one of the seven chakras or energy centers in the body.  This massage therapy treatment incorporates the healing vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls, inviting ultimate in deep relaxation and aligning the chakras so that your energy can flow in a balanced way.  You have nothing to do but relax and receive this amazing therapy as a journey within. Performed on our Micro Quartz Heated Massage Table.

75 min | $190.00 book now

On quartz table (Albany only)