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The Truth About Sun Protection

In my experience, most people do not understand the importance of using sun protection. Our body’s defense against these damaging rays’ results in thickened and darker skin.  A tan is not your friend, it is a reaction to these damaging rays and the source of free radical damage. Although melanin becomes protective, it’s the process of producing the tan that causes the damage. Our melanocytes produce more granules of melanin to absorb and scatter

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Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to improve health and well-being of the body, mind, and spirit. It enhances both physical and emotional health. The History of Aromatherapy Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years, dating as far back as 4,000 B.C. Cultures from around the world including Egypt, China, France, and India used these active ingredients derived from aromatic plants for their curative, therapeutic and preventative

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Understanding Oxidative Stress, Glycation, and Inflammation

Your age in years is not necessarily the same as your Skin Age and it is greatly impacted by your lifestyle choices and skin aging. According to the American Society of Dermatology, 10% of the symptoms that we call signs of aging are due to our genetic DNA and predetermined by our parents. This is known as Intrinsic aging. The other 90% is known as Extrinsic aging. Extrinsic aging is within our control

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Japanese Forest Bathing

Taking a break and getting a big breath of fresh air and feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin can have many health benefits. Japanese researchers in the 1980s developed a concept called “shinrin-yoku,” which means “forest bathing” or “taking in the forest atmosphere.” It has become a fundamental part of healing many conditions, as well as preventive care. Understanding the benefits of spending time outdoors, in a forest or park,

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How to Treat Thinning Hair

Struggling with thinning hair? Let’s find a solution! Before blindly buying expensive products and treatments, it is crucial to understand your unique hair type and the root cause behind your thinning hair. Once you do this, you’ll be on your way to stronger, healthier hair. Here at Complexions, our team is trained in the usage of Rene Furterer products to help our clients reach a variety of different hair goals. René Furterer was

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A Holistic Approach to Pain Management

It’s estimated by the CDC that roughly 20% of U.S. adults live with chronic pain and 8% of U.S. adults deal with high-impact chronic pain. These percentages translate to roughly 70 million people across the United States. Finding treatments for chronic pain can be frustrating, and oftentimes overwhelming. While traditional medical intervention can be helpful, adding holistic health practices into your lifestyle can be extremely beneficial.  Physical Activity  In addition to its physical

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Event Ready Skin

I have always enjoyed the extra planning and prepping that goes into a special night out or event.  Whether it’s a black tie affair or a more casual first date, glowing and radiant skin is always a top priority. Your skin is a reflection of what’s going on internally, so it truly goes beyond what we use topically, and extends to how we treat our skin with the foods we eat and the

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Gua Sha Facial Guide: Everything You Need To Know

You have probably seen Gua Sha stones being used all across social media platforms marketed as the new “it” facial tool. These sleek stones are now being featured in spas, in the homes of celebrities, and have even graced the pages of Harper's Bazaar. However, the practice of Gua Sha has been a part of Traditional Chinese Medical Theory for hundreds of years and has a rich history. In fact, the practice of

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Back-to-School Hair

School’s in session! Whether you’re the one headed back to class or your kids are returning for another school year, give your hair the refresh it needs after a long summer. Chlorine, sun, and salt water all contribute to dry, dull, damaged hair. Here are some of our top tips for your next back-to-school hair salon appointment. Add A Professional Deep Conditioning Treatment Professional conditioning treatments are a wonderful addition to your next back-to-school

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Younger, Tighter Skin with Microcurrent

Looking for a more lifted, youthful appearance without going under the knife? Look no further than microcurrent facials! Microcurrent is one of the most popular anti-aging treatments at Complexions.  What Is Microcurrent?  Microcurrent first began in the late 1900’s as a treatment for Bell’s Palsy. After the face-lifting effects were noticed, the beauty industry took advantage and began using this technology in facials. Since their development, these facials have risen in popularity due

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