Help Fund Breast Cancer Research with Pink Hair Extensions & Pomegranate Pedicures

From now until October 31st, Complexions in Albany NY will be offering two different ways for you to help fund the fight: 1.) Pink Hair Extensions For Hope Extensions ($10.00 each) - Your donation will be given IN FULL to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Each $10 dollar donation includes the application and removal of one Pink SO.CAP.USA Hair Extension! 2.) Pink Pomegranate Pedicure ($75.00) - With $15.00 of each & every service going directly to the American Cancer Society, this delicious 50 minute treatment using Eco-Friendly Complexions Pomegranate rich in anti-oxidants. The Think Pink Pomegranate Pedicure is a special, super-healthy treatment that makes you feel good from the inside out, pampering your toes while giving back to an important cause.

Complexions Wins Salon of Distinction from SALON TODAY magazine

Just received notice from Salon Today magazine that we are one of the winners for the 2009 Salon of the Year contest. We were voted as a Salon of Distinction. I am really excited about this honor. There were over 100 salon's entered from around the world. The designs were amazing for all the salons. I am very proud to be listed among the other winners. Check out the June issue of the Salon

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NYSERDA Loan Fund Application Process

What You Need To Know About The NYSERDA Loan Application Process At one of our SAIC and NYSERDA meetings we learned about the NYSERDA LOAN FUND.  It was an opportunity for us to reduce our mortgage rate by 4 interest percentage points.  In order to move on this we had to  fill out an application at the start of the project.  We also had to have the bank preapproved and they also submitted an application as our

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Some Challenges with Going Green

I began the project of building Complexions Green after going to a business meeting with my sister in law in Florida in May of 2006.  When I returned, I discussed my ideas with my brother Tony who is a structural engineer.  He was interested with the concept and knew just who to contact.  My father has also been in construction for more than 40 years and knew the challenge that lay ahead.  I didn''t 

The Balancing Act of Being a Mom and Owning a Business

Wow, Does It Become Extremely Exhausting At Times The day to day tasks that are so routine.  I love my boys so of course they come first, but then there is the pressure of getting everything done at the spa.  My days are so regimented and planned out.  I get up, I get the boys up, breakfast for them and my husband, and off to work.  I have a little time to get myself

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Inspiring Words From John Wooden

Two years ago I had the honor of hearing John Wooden speak at an ISpa conference in Los Vegas.  He slowly walked out onto the stage with a cane and sat in a wing back chair and spoke for about 90 minutes.  He spoke of the life lessons he taught his basketball players.  There was not a dry eye in the house as he talked so passionately about his coaching philosophies that apply to

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