How To Build An Energy Efficient Small Business: Part 1

We closed on the new Complexions building in November of 2007 and immediately began demolishing the existing building. Many - my sons especially - think of demolition as a super-fun activity. If only that were true with Green construction! Long story short - we had to be very very careful every step of the way. First and foremost, we had to have asbestos specially removed by an independent company.  They had to have special

Going Green Cutting Costs

Image via Wikipedia While it did cost a bit more money on the front-end to make Complexions Spa an energy efficient spa facility, it appears more and more likely with each passing month that our year-over-year energy savings will take care of the initial investment far sooner than originally forecast. And that's with oil being sold at less than $50 per-barrel. I really can't wait to reach that milestone because after that,

Eco-Trends in the Spa Industries

From Suzie's Spa Blog over at SpaFinder: Eco-Embedded Spas: A Deeper Shade of Green: Back in 2005, SpaFinder identified the eco-spa boom, crystallizing the first industry definition, still widely used today. In our 2007 forecast.. I have to agree with Suzie regarding what it means to be a real Green Spa.........I have recently completed a year long  project of building our new facility,  Complexions Spa for Beauty & Wellness.  This was a lengthy and

NYSERDA Loan Fund Application Process

What You Need To Know About The NYSERDA Loan Application Process At one of our SAIC and NYSERDA meetings we learned about the NYSERDA LOAN FUND.  It was an opportunity for us to reduce our mortgage rate by 4 interest percentage points.  In order to move on this we had to  fill out an application at the start of the project.  We also had to have the bank preapproved and they also submitted an application as our

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Some Challenges with Going Green

I began the project of building Complexions Green after going to a business meeting with my sister in law in Florida in May of 2006.  When I returned, I discussed my ideas with my brother Tony who is a structural engineer.  He was interested with the concept and knew just who to contact.  My father has also been in construction for more than 40 years and knew the challenge that lay ahead.  I didn''t 


I had a meeting with NYSERDA last Wednesday to submit the application and supporting documentation for the Loan Fund. It was a tremendous amount of work. At the beginning of our project we submitted an introductory application along with our bank being approved and also filling out a section of the application. Basically there are two parts to our application. The first is in the energy savings and the second is our "greening" efforts.

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We Won A National Award For Our Energy Efficiency

Proud Of Our Energy Efficiency Image via Wikipedia We entered a contest sponsored by Energy Star this past June. We heard from them recently and learned we were selected as one of ten small business across the country to be recognized for their energy efficiency. We were the only small business in the spa industry to have won this award. It will be announced nationally throughout the media on September 16th. We

Introducing Complexions Blog

This is a very exciting time at Complexions Spa for Beauty & Wellness. We have just celebrated our 20th year in business this past November. With this milestone we are also embarking on a new adventure. We are in the process of building a new spa facility just down the road from our current location in Albany, New York. We are building our new spa “Green”! It is so fantastic….imagine having spa services that