I had a meeting with NYSERDA last Wednesday to submit the application and supporting documentation for the Loan Fund. It was a tremendous amount of work. At the beginning of our project we submitted an introductory application along with our bank being approved and also filling out a section of the application. Basically there are two parts to our application. The first is in the energy savings and the second is our “greening” efforts. Basically all of the money we spent in an effort to become energy efficient and to “go green” qualifies under the loan fund. Every thing must be supported with documentation proving the energy savings and “green” materials as well as the costs associated with each and every item. It was a very time consuming and detailed process. When we are finally approved and this all goes through the Loan Fund will potentially save us thousand of dollars in interest by reducing our interest rate. Not only does “going green” do wonderful things for our planet, our environment, and future generations, there are wonderful rewards financially.