From Suzie’s Spa Blog over at SpaFinder:

Eco-Embedded Spas: A Deeper Shade of Green: Back in 2005, SpaFinder identified the eco-spa boom, crystallizing the first industry definition, still widely used today. In our 2007 forecast..

I have to agree with Suzie regarding what it means to be a real Green Spa………I have recently completed a year long  project of building our new facility,  Complexions Spa for Beauty & Wellness.  This was a lengthy and detailed process of making our entire facility as eco-friendly as we  possibly could.  It all started with a desire to provide wellness services in an environment that supported that same philosophy to maximize the experience for our guests.  This process was far more detailed than simply using florescent light bulbs.  Everything from how we diverted 75% of our construction waste from going to the landfills to the type of glass for our windows.  We even have quality clean air control, motion sensors in work rooms, low VOC paints, adhesives, wall paper and more.   I do think the consumer will become more knowledgeable about what “Going Green” really means and they won’t be fooled by people just trying to jump on the band wagon.  We didn’t just say we were green, we are green.  ♠