Say ‘Om’ this September

National Yoga Month is celebrated each September in observance of the practice that carries health benefits for the body, mind and spirit. In an effort to inspire Capital Region residents to begin or continue leading a healthier lifestyle by engaging in our Moving Meditations classes, Complexions will be offering a special price all month long. As always, first time attendees have the option of purchasing a $5 single session. As a special offer for

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The Restorative Workout For Everyone

Restore Your Life With A Restorative Workout The summer is supposed to be a season packed full with events, fairs, camps, vacations and all-around fun. Trying to cram all of the good stuff into the span of just a few months, however, can sometimes make people feel overwhelmed and even a bit on edge. Any time you feel like you have too much going on, taking a few moments for you, to breathe and