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The summer is supposed to be a season packed full with events, fairs, camps, vacations and all-around fun. Trying to cram all of the good stuff into the span of just a few months, however, can sometimes make people feel overwhelmed and even a bit on edge.

Any time you feel like you have too much going on, taking a few moments for you, to breathe and take care of yourself, can help you relax and reset. At Complexions, our Saturday yoga sessions are perfect for helping you do just that. The 60-minute session will help restore your body and mind, helping you to find an inner calm, so your best self will emerge.


Saturdays 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. 


This is the one kind of workout you should be practicing today, tomorrow and fifty years from now. While your practice may—and should—evolve as you age, one thing’s for sure: the benefits of yoga are life-long. Here are a few reasons to “om” your way to better health, starting now.


IMPROVE YOUR MOOD! It’s no secret that any form of exercise elevates your mood, but studies have also shown that those you practice yoga see greater improvements in their mood and anxiety, compared to subjects who participated in a metabolically-matched walking programs.

By measuring GABA levels in the brain, scientists at Boston University School of Medicine and McLean Hospital were able to see that people who did yoga for 30 minutes had 27 percent more of the chemical associated with well-being present than those in the study who read a book for half an hour.


BOOST YOUR ENERGY!  Put down the coffee and forget the power nap. Yoga has been proven to help increase levels of energy naturally, by increasing blood flow to parts of the body often forgotten. That’s also important because it can help lower blood pressure and slow your heart rate. A slower heart rate can benefit people with high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke…people who suffer from any of those conditions should be avoiding stimulant to begin with.


CALM YOUR MIND! Mindful wellness is key to minimizing stress, fighting depression. decreasing anxiety and finding clarity of mind. Take a moment to set an intention for your practice before the session begins and you’ll leave feeling a renewed sense of inner ease.

Yoga--chronic pain

KICK CHRONIC PAIN! A multitude of studies have shown that whether your suffering from the typical aches that come with age or the soreness athletes and runners know comes with their active lifestyles,  the increased flexibility and strength that will come with regular practice helps you find balance and relief.


GET GLOWING SKIN! Stress can exacerbate many skin problems , from acne to warts, and even eczema. A Cornell University study showed that when a person is experiencing heightened levels of stress, the skin takes longer than usual to repair itself. As a proven stress reliever, yoga can help skin heal faster and stay clear longer.


ENJOY BETTER SLEEP! A recently published study showed that after patients with sleep problems practiced yoga and meditation on a regular basis, the quality of their sleep improved at night. Don’t forget more sleep and better quality of sleep are also linked with better cognitive functioning, lower levels of anxiety and weight loss.


MAKE SMARTER FOOD CHOICES! Spending time on a yoga mat is associated with weight control, according to a study published in The Journal of the American Dietetic Association. The practice is known to burn fat and tone lean muscle, but researchers also attribute the connection to mindful eating. The more mindful you are of your body during your practice, the more you think about what you’re putting into it after your final asana, or pose.

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