GreenFiber Recycling – Save Big!

Being an Eco-Friendly spa I am constantly looking for ways to do good for our environment.  Currently I pay my waste removal company for three different types of dumpsters.  One for trash, one for paper and cardboard, and one for metal.  It seems crazy that we have to pay extra to do the right thing.  It’s kind of like trying to eat right but at a higher cost.  Anyway a good friend of mine and fellow business owner David Schmidt from Renaissance Floral Design told me what he does for his company.  He referred me to a company called GreenFiber Recycling.  I was thrilled with what I found.  They are a company that pays you to hall away your paper, metal, cardboard, paper, and much much more and then they donate the profit to a charitable organization.  Finally by doing the right thing, you can save money and make a difference.  Check out their website and I think you too will be pleasantly surprised by what you read.

How GreenFiber Recycling Works

  1. GreenFiber supplies your organization with a recycling bin.
  2. The bins are serviced weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.
  3. Unlike other recyclers or waste haulers, GreenFiber does not charge for our services. In fact, we contribute funds to specific community programs for the paper they recycle.
  4. Your organization reduces its waste disposal costs while helping to conserve natural resources and raise funds in the process.
  5. We make environmentally friendly, safe and efficient insulation from the paper you recycle. Everybody wins!
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