Diabetes is the fastest growing long-term disease affecting millions of people worldwide. We want to be a part of helping to raise awareness of the effects of diabetes and its complications. So, we’ll be offering a 15 % DISCOUNT OFF ALL RETAIL PRODUCTS when you schedule a Therapeutic Pedi-kur with our nail technicians Mari or Terri. Plus, if you schedule your treatment for November 14th, you will also receive 25% OFF your Therapeutic Pedi-kur for World Diabetes Day!

Wondering why we want to help your foot health this month? One of the complications of having Diabetes includes foot problems. Why? Two big reasons:

1. THE PROBLEM: High fluctuations in blood glucose levels cause damage to blood vessels and lead to lower limb circulatory problems. Nerve damage and poor blood flow to the feet increases the risk of various foot complications.
OUR SOLUTION: Our medically-based treatment goes beyond moisturizing. Our hand-massage and reflexology techniques can rejuvenate the lower body’s vascular system for improved blood circulation.

2. THE PROBLEM: Diabetics’ skin tends to becomes more susceptible to infections, especially lower limb bacterial and fungal infections. Left untreated, cuts and blisters can become serious infections and take much longer than usual to heal.
OUR SOLUTION: As we restore your feet to good health, we gently remove calluses, cracked skin on the heels and feet and any traces of nail fungus.

If you or a loved one suffers from Diabetes, please don’t hesitate to call 489-5231 to schedule your November appointment for a Therapeutic Pedi-kur today. We are excited to do what we can to help!