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2008 Year End Wrap Up

Calculating year end revenue is kind of like solving a circle (given three points on it ;) After relaxing for the first day of the New Year, I went into work today, anxious to print out our month end numbers and our year end totals. I tell you, if you totally focus in on the negative tone of all the media, you would expect the year to have been a disaster. We

The Value of Networking

Complexions has been open for 21 years.   During this time, I have tried every form of advertising from newsletters, television, radio, newspaper print, magazines, mailings, you name it, we've tried it.   When it comes right down to it, the most beneficial is the recommendation from a friend or word of mouth.  Since our move into our new location I have attended many charity events and fund raisers.  The exposure has been wonderful.  I can't