1. Start Prepping Months In Advance

Don’t wait until the last minute and expect miraculous results; start prepping your skin at least six months before the big day! Although you might want to treat you and your bridal party to a facial or some lash extensions a week before the wedding, I highly recommend trying these treatments out way before then. Facials, lash extensions, brow tinting, lash tinting, facial waxing and pretty much anything you have never personally tried on your face should be avoided! There’s no way of knowing how your body will react to these treatments and the last thing you want is a bad reaction days before your wedding day.


Getting a makeup trial makes things run so much smoother the morning of. The trial allows you and your makeup artist to have a set game plan, and trust us, both of you will be a lot happier having the whole look planned out. You want to be able to sit back, relax and sip some champagne with your bridal party, not have to worry about telling your makeup artist what you want every step of the way. Bring pictures to your trial and let your makeup artist what you like about these images so they can get a better idea of what you want.

3. Trust Your Makeup Artist

Remember–you picked them for a reason! Although you’ve been dreaming of the perfect makeup to complete your bridal look, keep an open mind when it comes to suggestions. Everyone’s facial structure is different, so a look you saw on Pinterest might have to be tweaked a bit and will not look exactly the same. Expect that your makeup artist will go a bit heavier on the bronzer/blush and also throw some lashes on you. This is not something you want to fight! The camera and lights tend to wash out makeup, so the extra coverage and color is needed to ensure flawless pictures that you’ll look back on in the years to come. Trust your makeup artist, trust the process, sit back and let them work their magic.