Men’s Pedicures

Think that women are the only ones who should enjoy a pedicure? Think again. Here are our Top 5 reasons why men’s feet need some pampering too.

  1. Improves Your Health.  Dirty feet are a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria. Regular pedicures are one way to help keep your feet clean and healthy. Pedicures exfoliate dead skin away, moisturize feet with beneficial essential oils and even allow you the option to add additional anti-bacterial protection
  2. Releases Stress. If your profession requires you to be on your feet most of the day, then a pedicure is exactly what you need. Our feet get tired and can hold onto stress! Stress is one of our biggest enemies when we have a frantic schedule, so it’s not a bad idea to take an hour out of your daily routine to treat your feet and relax.
  3. Removes Foot Odor.  Who likes a stinky feet?! Pedicures are the best way to remove dead skin, dirt and bacteria from the feet completely.
  4. Prevents Ingrown Toenails.  Most men don’t pay enough attention to cutting their toenails (sorry guys!) which can lead to cutting nails too short or leaving minuscule pieces at the edges; both of which can lead to ingrown toenails! Having a professional pedicure will ensure that your nails are taken care of properly, saving you a lot of unnecessary pain.  
  5. Makes You Look Good. Pedicures don’t only make you feel great, but they make you look great too! Remember—it’s still flip flop season guys…