French Manicure Guide

Over the years, Complexions nail salon clients – both new and old – have asked me countless times to give up the secret behind the beautiful results we produce each and every day. Like most things, there isn’t really a shortcut to success but rather several key maintenance routines that if performed consistently, result in a phenomenal french manicure. For my first post, I wanted to share with you the answers to a few of these most frequently asked questions. Hopefully they will help you with any concerns you may have or often wondered about.

Q: Why are my nails yellow?
A: It could be many different reasons. Most common reason is basecoat is not being applied. Applying base will prevent the yellowing of the natural nail especially when using a darker or rich nail lacquer shades. A good base I love to use and have found to be very effective is Essie’s Protein Basecoat.

Q: Will Acrylic or Gel artificial nails damage my natural nails?
A: Artificial nails generally will not damage your nails. It is the way we take care our nails that may cause damage. Whether you go with an Acrylic or Gel nail, it requires upkeep. Generally every two weeks to fill in growth. When you allow more that two weeks to go by you may start to notice lifting of product and that’s when you may start to run into some problems.

Q: What do I do when I no longer want my Gels or Acrylic nails?
A: Be sure to have them Professionally removed. Get a nice manicure to clean up nails. Start on a nail growth system. Removing your artificial nails yourself can cause damage to your natural nail. After having your nails removed it is essential to get manicures every two weeks. I would recommend this for at least six visits. Doing this along with applying your nail growth system at home in between visits will add to your goal of natural healthy nails. I would recommend Duri Nail Growth System.

Q: Do my nails need to be long for me to get a French manicure?
A: No. there is no specific length you need in order to enjoy a French manicure.

Q: How long will my French Manicure/Polish last?
A: Depending on how active you are with your hands, your professional manicure may last three to four days and in some cases up to seven days.

Q: What can help my French Manicure/Polish Application last?
A: Applying a topcoat such as Essie’s Good to Go every other day will help. You want to avoid excessive use of body oils and or scrubs for this may cause chipping. When applying lotions try to avoid nails. Wearing dish gloves always helps too.