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Woman with hibiscus flowers modeling her manicure and pedicure

Wellness For Your Hands & Feet

Hands and feet need special care.  Each of our nail treatments includes skin exfoliation, nourishing and conditioning, and polished to perfection, perfectly highlighting their beauty. Some of our nail technicians have undergone advanced training and hold a Master Pedicurist certification. Their prices do reflect a slightly higher fee.

Signature Manicure

Hands will feel soft and revived after this guest favorite which includes meticulous nail and cuticle care, soothing massage with a hydrating shea butter cream.

$34.00 | book now

Gel Manicure

Get the upper hand with this chip-resistant, mirror-finish gel polish that requires no drying time and can last up to two weeks. Nails and cuticles are meticulously cared for and hands and arms will be treated to a hydrating massage. To maintain your perfect 10, a maintenance visit every two weeks is recommended: includes a complimentary soak-off.

$50.00 | book now

ANC Manicure

(Amazing Nail Concepts) is a modern day combination of acrylic and gel dip system used to enhance the appearance of natural nails. Odorless, gentle for your nail bed, flexible, environmentally friendly and durable with a glossy finish. The application uses NO primer, acrylic nail liquid, acrylic brushes, or use of UV light.

$55.00| book now

Rejuvenating Youthful Hand Manicure

This results oriented treatment manicure will slough away dry skin, replenish moisture and restore elasticity to reveal radiant, healthy hands. Effectively proven ingredients encourage collagen production diminishing dark spots and premature signs of aging. The skin on your hands and forearm will have a youthful radiance.

$54.00 | book now

Therapeutic Manicure

Designed to relieve tired, overworked hands this treatment includes a gentle exfoliation, and an extended massage targeting muscle tension, arthritis, and stress. Complexions Ease therapeutic blend of essential oils in a soothing hydration cream is used to help promote circulation and healing followed by a paraffin dip mask to comfort your hands and joints. LED Therapy is the perfect pairing with this manicure for added relief from arthritic pain. ($40)

$54.00 | book now

Intensive Restorative Manicure

Nail types can be best described as Dry, Brittle, Damaged, or Normal, and they may be peeling or breaking. For every nail type and every problem, there is a solution for the best care and most beautiful outcome. Understanding the structure of each individuals nails is the key to success in restoring health and wellness to natural nails. Utilizing the Jessica Nail Cultivation System® containing nurturing botanicals, antioxidant vitamins, and proteins we work toward improving nail condition at the source—the foundation. This Intensive repair includes a gentle exfoliation, hydrating massage with our advanced therapy moisturizer, healing paraffin and a mask.

$54.00 | book now

Gentleman’s Manicure

A no-nonsense gentleman’s manicure that pays particular attention to nail and cuticle condition.

$20.00 | book now

Signature Spa Pedicure

Destress and unwind while your feet soak in a relaxing foot bath customized with an essential oil blend you choose. Feet will feel soft and revived after this guest favorite which includes a re-mineralizing Himalayan salt exfoliation, meticulous nail and cuticle care.

$69.00 | book now

Tension Relief Pedicure

Enjoy all the benefits of our classic Spa Pedicure but with an added revitalizing foot and lower leg treatment designed to invigorate the entire body. Calves and feet are massaged with energizing Peppermint and stimulating Horse Chestnut to enhance circulation, decrease tension and relieve stress. Feet are then cocooned in in warm, aromatic steamed towels that awaken the senses from head to toe.

$90.00 | book now

Aromatic Alchemy Pedicure

Experience the healing effects of aromatherapy in a relaxing and restorative pedicure treatment. Your Spa Sommelier will introduce you to a flight of organic, aromatic essential oil blends and together you will design your service according to the scents you love and the outcome you desire. Enjoy an acupressure massage that will rebalance your vital energies restoring harmony and calm.

$80.00 | book now

Wellness Pedicure

Our therapeutic experience s literally where medi (medical) meets pedi (pedicure). Assisting with foot calluses, cracked skin on the heels, and feet, nail fungus, and even essential foot care for diabetics, your feet will be restored to good condition through this medically based treatment. Performed by our CMP (certified master pedicurist) through the North American school of Podology.

$80.00 | book now

Reflexology Pedicure

In addition to our signature Spa Pedicure, a soothing reflexology foot massage alleviates stress and other ailments providing a total feeling of well-being.

$119.00 | book now

Men’s Spa Pedicure

Your feet bear a considerable burden in your fast paced world. Keep them looking and feeling their best with a no-color gentleman’s foot detailing and massage.

$60.00 | book now

Refresher Pedicure

When you need a quick foot fix-me-up and time is of the essence this beautifying treatment complete with trim, shape, and polished to perfection is exactly what is in order.

$59.00| book now

Seasonal Pedicure

Enjoy our Spa Pedicure utilizing selected ingredients that are at their peak for the season further enhancing your spa experience.

$78.00 | book now

Paraffin Treatments with any nail service

Add the ultimate in moisturizing to your manicure or pedicure. Warm layers of Vitamin A and E enriched paraffin hydrate the skin and cuticles while providing therapeutic relief for aching joints.

$15.00 | $12.00 | book now

Rejuvenating Hand Treatment$20.00
Feet Wax$17.00
French Manicure$40.00
Full Set Acrylic (Pk/Wh)$72.00
Full Set Acrylic/Tips$60.00
Full Set Gel/Tips$60.00
Full Set Overlays$48.00
Full Set Sculptured Nails$63.00
6 Signature Manicure Package$184.00
6 Signature Spa Pedicure Package$368.00
Nail Art$7.00
Nail Fill (Acrylic)$34.00
Nail Fill (Gel)$34.00
Nail Repair$5.00
Nail Soak Off (Gel)$25.00
Polish Change (hands or feet)$25.00
Reflexology (30min.)$54.00