Sunless Tanning – What You Need To Know

spray tanning old school style

When we first opened our doors in 1987 as Complexions Professional Skin Care, we always stressed the importance of proper sun protection. Many of our clients still loved the way they looked with a tan but wanted to avoid the harmful effects the sun has on our skin. As a result, we have offered this treatment for many years. The hour long process begins with an all over body exfoliation to remove dead, rough cells and smooth the skin. This process prepares the skin’s surface in order for our massage therapist to apply an even layer of sunless tanning lotion. Any accumulation of dead cells can lead to blotching and uneven looking color.

The lotion is applied using gentle, efflaurage massage movements which completely relaxes our guest. The results are beautifully bronzed, smooth skin which lasts for approximately 7 days. For continued long lasting results, we provide our guest with a tube of the sunless tanning lotion to take home. We suggest reapplying a few times per week to maintain a nice sun-kissed look.

The benefits are our clients look like they have a suntan without the damaging free radical attack on our skin cells and collagen fibers. To make this spa service even better we recently found a product called Chocolate Sun. It has taken the classic sunless tanning procedure and turned it into the first skin care treatment with the benefit of tanning the skin.

The solution is made with organic, natural, and wild crafted botanicals, herbs, and antioxidants. Most importantly it is free of harsh chemicals. Chocolate Sun provides exceedingly high levels of hydration in addition to creating natural looking color. Shea Butter, one of the richest emollients, lubricates the skin while the powerful antioxidant, Green Tea, combats the aging effects of free radical damage. The color develops gradually, just like the tan Mother Nature would give you, minus the harmful UV exposure.