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Blowdrying Tips - Complexions Spa

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times my clients say to me, “I can never make my hair look as good as you do!”  It is heartbreaking to hear those words!  As hair stylists, we want you to look and feel your best everyday.  Not just on the days you visit the salon. Styling can be an ugly fight if you aren’t armed with the proper weapons, i mean, tools! Here a some key points to successful blowdrying and styling.  Also, listen to your stylists recommendations for products. (Although we might have a lot of experience, we would never be able to achieve great results without great products!)  Use a blowdryer that has a nozzle on the end to help direct the airflow down the hair shaft or a diffuser for curly styles.

What You Need To Know When Blowdrying

  1. Apply product as needed.  make sure you have clips and brushes ready, as well as your blowdryer.
  2. Assess and cowlicks, or “problem areas”  in your hair. These are the areas you will want to attend to first.  Whether it be a cowlick in your bangs or a double crown (whirls in the crown). You will want to do some “directional drying” on these areas first.  Blow them in the direction that you want them to lay.  Use your fingers to assist with this process.  If you have a sweeping bang, you will want to direct the airflow down and toward the front of your face to get that nice “sweep” across the forehead.
  3. Work the excess moisture out of your hair. If you are looking for more volume take this time to direct the roots of your hair in the opposite direction they are going to lay.  This helps create lift.  if you are trying to smooth out curl, use your fingers to create tension on each section of hair to pull it straight at the root.
  4. Once the hair is almost dry, clip your hair so that you are working with 2-4″ sections, depending on the density of your hair.  Thinner hair can take larger sections, while thicker hair needs smaller ones.  Direct the airflow down the hair-shaft  while using your other hand to work the brush.  Dry the roots first and work down to the ends.  Make sure each section is completely dry before moving onto the next.  If you are looking to add more volume or bend into your hair, let each section cool down on the brush.  Let the hair fall off the brush and do not touch it until it is completely cooled, or “set”.
  5. After you have completed your brush work, give your hair a good once over on the cool setting.  This helps set the style and seal the cuticle down.
  6. Finish with a light working spray for volume or serum to fight frizz.

Try not to get discouraged.  It takes a lot practice and patience.  Allow yourself enough time to properly blowdry your hair!

– Kim Hannell, Senior Stylist at Complexions

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