The Complexions Spa table at the Go-Green Expo Eco-Luxe EventThis past Tuesday, September 22nd, I took part in the Eco-Luxe Media event organized by Go Green Expo and Rubenstein Public Relations.  This Eco-Luxury Press Event was a new and unique platform designed exclusively for purveyors of the ‘eco-luxury’ industry. The exhibition was held at Rouge Tomate in New York city just off 5th Avenue.  The exhibition attracted many visitors from different parts of the world.  The restaurant was beautiful and the food was outstanding.

The purpose of the event was to show-case environmentally friendly businesses and their products.  Surprisingly, Complexions was the only LEED Certified Small Business in attendance. Going into the event, I remember thinking about how our ‘little’ spa in Albany, New York would be received by such a big city crowd.  All in all, I think we performed very well – our booth looked amazing, journalists and bloggers responded strongly to our wellness focus and LEED-Small-Business story and several financial-types provided us with solid feed back and expressed interest in our business model.

Meeting that many writers, green-media and PR professionals all at once was quite the experience.  I was especially glad to speak with Glamour Magazing, TreeHugger, Organic Spa Magazine, American Salon, Spa Magazine and several other national outlets. Given our own struggles with local-media attention, I think the rate at which American businesses adopt & implement eco-friendly, energy-efficient practices will depend more upon the quality and quantity of coverage from national outlets like those at Eco-Luxe. Given all the green-trees that are ‘falling’ (better yet, sprouting!) throughout the world right now, it’s good to know that professional bloggers and trade magazines are putting themselves into positions that have the potential to generate quite a bit of sound :)

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