Oxygenated Water For Health & Healing

Every once in a while something new comes along in this industry that is a “game changer,” and really exciting to me personally to be able to offer to our valued clients. Our new Oxygenated Water is one of those things. I invite you to read more about this new and exciting water technology below and come to the spa and try it out soon!

Dating back to the ancient Romans and Greeks, bathing rituals and ceremonies performed in water were thought to purify the body and mind. Complexions Spa stays true to its belief in health and healing through water by announcing spa-wide use of a new water technology, exclusive to the Capital Region at Complexions Spa, called Transcutaneous Oxygen Therapy.

The process, in which water is infused with large amounts of oxygen that enters the skin thus bringing elevated tissue oxygen levels (350 percent) immediately, is clinically proven to:

  • destroy bacteria and fungus
  • reduce inflammation
  • detoxify
  • help reduce fine lines and age spots
  • invigorate fatigued muscles while increasing energy/vitality and circulation
  • diminish symptoms of psoriasis, eczema, diabetic sores, and acne

Oxygen is universally recognized for its significant health benefits as it’s a powerful detoxifier and a key ingredient in natural age defying therapies. This healing water has recently been incorporated into all skin care and body treatments, manicures, pedicures, hydrotherapy tubs, spa steam rooms, as well as all of Complexions Spa’s drinking water. The professional oxygenation systems were provided by virtue of Oxygen Pur Spa®.

To fully experience the benefits of this oxygenated water, Complexions offers a new, exclusively designed treatment properly named, “Fountains of Youth.” This three-hour treatment immerses your body in oxygenated water pulsating from jets in a musical-like rhythm penetrating deep through the skin, tissues and into the bloodstream. The water’s healing benefits jump into action eliminating toxins and stress, and leaving your body cleansed inside and out. The treatment also includes ‘cupping,’ in which small suction cups are used to balance and improve and unblock the flow of qi, or life energy, which travels throughout the body in channels called meridians.

Lastly, Complexions also proudly offers a patented oxygenated skin serum that harnesses the healing power of dermal oxygen transfer clients can use at home. As part of a daily regimen, this serum delivers the benefits of oxygen to skin cells and optimizes cell repair to keep skin looking radiant by regenerating and visibly toning skin tissue. It reinforces the therapeutic effects of professional treatments by also reducing fine lines and age spots and rejuvenating the complexion.