The average person will walk about 70,000 miles in their lifetime:

That’s a lot to ask of our feet! 

The average person will walk about 70,000 miles in their lifetime, and many will walk more than that! No wonder why so many of us have sore, cracked, or callused feet!

Complexions Spa For Beauty & Wellness is proudly offering a brand new Therapeutic Pedicure ─ where medi (medical) meets pedi (pedicure)─that could help remedy foot calluses, severely dry skin, fungus, and even those with diabetes as attention to foot care is essential to diabetics.

Of note, a new study projects in the next eight years 77-percent of American men, and 53-percent of American women, will have diabetes or pre-diabetes.
Complexions’ trained Certified Master Pedicurists (CMP) take foot care very seriously. They have been trained in the foot’s anatomy, body alignment, biomechanics, and in diseases and disorders of the foot’s skin and nails.

The “spa” aspect of this new Therapeutic Pedicure is included, however, as your calves and feet are exfoliated, massaged, and wrapped in hot towels after a brushed on application of an aloe, avocado and seaweed wrap. Complexions’ Therapeutic Pedicure is beneficial for both men and women. The men even have a segregated, private pedicure area.

Our active lifestyle today can have a major impact on the health of the skin and nails on our feet. Complexions’ Therapeutic Pedicure takes foot esthetics to a whole new level to help the foot’s skin remain healthy, and pain free!