6 Pedicure Shades You Need To Try

If you haven’t already, you might want to strongly consider visiting the Nail Salon at Complexions to keep your feet summer sandal ready. Our therapeutic foot treatments revitalize dry skin and reinvigorate over-worked feet and calves.
Summer Color

As many of us know, though, it’s the polish that completes the experience. Mari Salinas, Complexions’ Master Nail Technician and OPI Certified Specialist, has everything you need to know about the nail polish colors that have proven to be the trendiest things you can put on your feet this summer. To make things easier, we have them all here for you! Now the hard part: choosing one.1. Orange

It can’t really be considered summer until someone bursts out a citrus pop of the sun-kissed hue. “This is the perfect option if you’re looking for a color that will make your summer tan pop,” said Salinas. A muted orange, like Hot & Spicy by OPI, looks great on everyone, but medium and darker skin tones can dare to boast a glowing neon version.  2. Blue

This light, playful shade is a distant relative of the typical colors that are appropriate all year long. “Believe it or not, blue is has been a very popular color this summer,” Salinas said. “Why wouldn’t you want to take a little bit of the ocean with you everywhere you go?” Something like No Room for the Blues by OPI would likely not be a top shade the rest of the year, but summer is proving to be the perfect time to take a color risk. 3. Pink

There is something about a punchy pink lacquer that makes many of us want to slip into sandals and a sundress. Since it isn’t exactly a shocker that the color made the list, we made sure to have you covered. Out of the array of pinks we offer, one of our favorites is La Paz-itively Hot by OPI because it carries a slight hint of berry in its vibrant luster. “This is the perfect pop for summer, without having to go neon-y,” Salinas said.

Always a summertime staple, the glossy variety is a step down from attention-grabbing orange, while still reminding us of a tropical paradise. “If neon isn’t for you, this bright, pink-orange shade carries an equal punch,” Salinas said. Plus, colors like Mod-ern Girl by OPI are flattering on just about every skin tone, giving your feet a warm, bold pop.5. Pastel

Creamy pastels are a subtle, pretty alternative for those who shy away from neon brights. “This is the perfect option for those who prefer a conservative look, but still want to go a little on the pink side,” Salinas said. Whether you dive into the range with a creamy peach or opt to ease in with a soft shade like I Theodora You by OPI, the girly summer trend is a surefire way to win.6.Nude

Yes, there is still a perfect summer shade for those who refuse to go the vibrant route. Enter: Glints of Glinda by OPI. “This caters to the conservative woman, but still has just enough shimmer to catch the summer sunlight,” Salinas said. As with any sheer lacquer, imperfections can be obvious. To ensure a flawless look, be sure to schedule your next visit to the Complexions Nail Studio for cleaned-up cuticles and buffing to perfection before giving this nude hue a try.

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