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Ancient Sands Therapeutic Massage – The Next Level Of Massage

We are modernizing our traditional massage therapy with the addition of a Micro Quartz Heated Massage Table. The therapeutic sand bed, created by German wellness expert Gharieni, is based on the ancient Greek concept of ‘psammotherapy,’ which utilizes warm sand to purify the body of toxins, release muscle tension and alleviate pain.

“This latest technology provides ultimate comfort for our clients and proves our dedication to helping our customers achieve overall well-being,” said Denise Dubois, owner.

Complexions Spa is only the second spa in the country to offer clients the cutting edge spa technology. The heated sand table is ideal for massage treatments and body wraps and helps to diminish muscle pain, arthritic pain and stiff joints.

Complexions created new wellness treatments that utilize the heated massage table; one such service is the Ancient Sands Therapeutic Massage, a sixty minute, ultra-purifying massage treatment that awakens the senses and renews the soul. The therapy employs the alpha-quartz sand to remove toxins, alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, improve stiff joints and pain, and promote relaxing comfort. Ancient Sands Therapeutic Massage can be enjoyed as a standalone service or add-on treatment.

For more information about the Micro Quartz Heated table, see our massage services, or speak with a spa coordinator at (518) 489-5231.

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