New Ancient Sands Therapeutic Massage at Complexions

Ancient Sands Therapeutic Massage - The Next Level Of Massage We are modernizing our traditional massage therapy with the addition of a Micro Quartz Heated Massage Table. The therapeutic sand bed, created by German wellness expert Gharieni, is based on the ancient Greek concept of ‘psammotherapy,’ which utilizes warm sand to purify the body of toxins, release muscle tension and alleviate pain. “This latest technology provides ultimate comfort for our clients and proves our

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Couples Massages Are Popular Right Now, But Why?

On Friday we received more calls from people looking to book a couples massage than we did any other service we offer. Any of the massage treatments that we offer can be done in the couples room (it's simply performed on our heated massage tables side by side). In that suite we also have a wonderful top-of-the-line SANIJET Hydrotherapy Tub. This tub has jets that are removable and can therefore be sanitized completely between uses.