Couples Massage - Complexions Spa

Spend Some Quality Time With A Couples Massage

On Friday we received more calls from people looking to book a couples massage than we did any other service we offer. Some were looking for openings on Saturday – which was entirely reserved – so we had to unfortunately turn people away. Couples aren’t always what most think of believe it or not. Of course we have requests from husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend, but couples are often times also mother and daughter, two good friends, a bride to be and her fiance or even brother and sister. It’s a wonderful opportunity to relax and spend some quality time together.

Any of the massage treatments that we offer can be done in the couples room (it’s simply performed on our heated massage tables side by side). In that suite we also have a wonderful top-of-the-line SANIJET Hydrotherapy Tub. This tub has jets that are removable and can therefore be sanitized completely between uses.  If you’re like me and wondering what “complete sanitation” actually means, SANIJET guarantees “hospital-grade disinfection”. This “pipeless” technology makes it ideal for a spa setting that does a lot of traditional hydro-therapy treatments. Best of all, our couples massage guests can relax in the tub before or after the massage soaking in a wonderful herbal bath that’s both relaxing & therapeutic!

One of our most popular treatments for couples is the Javanese Beauty Ritual, but Friday’s bookings actually show a preference toward the therapeutic deep tissue & relaxation massages. I’ll ask a few of the couples why when they come in this week. Many are new clients, so perhaps they just wanted to get their feet wet with menu items that are a bit more familiar? During special times, like Valentine’s Day, we’ve had to extend our hours to allow maximum use of our couples room. In fact, we’ve even moved two massage beds in our single rooms in an effort to maximize our availability for couples wanting to share the experience together.

Massages don’t always have to be solitary experiences. In fact, sharing the massage experience with a good friend or significant other has an uncanny ability of creating wonderful moments in time that can be treasured and warmly remember for many years to come.

Suffice to say, our next expansion for Complexions will most definitely include another Metta Couple’s Suite to satisfy the growing demand for this experience.