The Rolfing Process

Rolfing is a hands-on therapy that releases deep, ingrained patterns of tension and strain in the body. The process goes well beyond conventional therapies to balance the entire body for more permanent relief leading to a pain-free life.

Do you suffer from chronic pain or are you looking to improve your overall body ease and flexibility? Than Rolfing may be for you.

We look forward to introducing you to this wonderful new therapeutic offer. A spa coordinator is happy to arrange a complimentary evaluation as well as a $20.00 savings certificate toward your first Rolfing Therapeutic Massage treatment. Call the spa at 489-5231 or reserve an appointment online.

Frequently asked questions:

Where did Rolfing Structural Integration come from?

Rolfing Structural Integration is named after it’s creator – Dr. Ida P. Rolf, Ida received her Ph.D. in biochemistry from Columbia University in 1920 and furthered her knowledge of the body through her scientific work in organic chemistry at the Rockefeller Institute. Her extensive search for solutions to family health problems led her to examine many systems that studied the effect of structure on function, including yoga, osteopathy and chiropractic medicine. Dr. Rolf combined her research with her scientific knowledge to stimulate a deeper appreciation of the body’s structural order, resulting in the practice of Rolfing.

How does Rolfing differ from a Massage?
Massages are stand alone sessions that take place on a massage table that focuses on relaxation and relief of muscle discomfort.

Rolfing is a succession of deep-tissue massage sessions to create overall ease and balance throughout the entire structure thus alleviating chronic strain patterns and decreases pain and stress. Typically conducted in 10 consecutive sessions, each session can include table work, standing/walking and bench work.

What can Rolfing help?

  • Any form of chronic pain
  • TMJS (Jaw pain)
  • Back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Improves posture and overall spinal health
  • Improves breathing, both ease and capacity