Guys, Keep Your Beard In Check This Winter!

master barber teaches perfect shavingThe master Barber Giuseppe at Complexions Barber Spa is pleased to share his tips so you too can achieve the perfect beard in these dry, winter months.

The winter months bring cold, dry air which dries out your skin and your beard. The hairs become more fragile and harder to maintain, not to mention the uncomfortable itching due to your dry skin.

  • Visit your barber for weekly trims – keeping your beard well groomed and properly maintained will help you avoid many of the winter side effects.
  • Use the right products – a few drops of beard oil go a long way! This will keep your beard glossy and hydrated. Try our Peverly’s Beard Oil and Balms.
  • Avoid your scorching hot showers – although the hot water might feel great this time of year, it is actually very dehydrating for your hair and beard. Try washing your hair and face with cooler water and drying your beard immediately after.
  • Shampoo and Condition – try our The Art of Shaving beard shampoo and conditioner. Use them both a few nights a week and, on the off days, just use the conditioner. This will prevent the shampoo from stripping your beard of any natural oils.