Reaching Gold LEED Certifiction for New Construction Means more than you can imagine!

Reaching Gold LEED certification means more than you can imagine. When we first started out with this challenging process, we met people who thought we were crazy. We were discouraged by some who thought the task was far to difficult to accomplish for a small busines of my size and to expensive to achieve .  They told me that I didn't have to become LEED certified just to call myself a "green spa" . 

Awaiting the results of our LEED Certification.

I recieved an email a few days ago letting us know the status of our LEED certification.  Some of the points we applied for we did recieve and some needed additional clarification.  We had to send it over to the electrical engineer who is working on the project. Many of the points in question pertained to the energy savings.  This I feel is one of our strongest areas.  We should be in good shape.  After