Spring Pedicure Package

Are Your Feet Ready For Spring?!
The Spring Pedicure Package at Complexions has arrived to give your feet the nourishment and moisture they need after these long winter months.


Nourishing Pedicure

A pedi experience unlike any other – starts with a calming lavender oil mineral bath soak to soften and soothe skin.  Next, a natural honey-lavender sea salt scrub tackles dry skin.  Finish your experience with a fresh and hydrating relaxing foot and leg massage packed with natural oils, and shea butter providing intense softness and deep hydration.

First, soak in an antioxidant-rich oil blend that quenches parched skin.  Next, vodka, watermelon and basil oils combined with grains to smooth the feet. Finally, a silky massage with “Strawberry Smash” – a strawberry fruit cell and Shea butter whip – ending with a hot towel foot wrap.

Begin with a clementine sparkling soak that envelopes the skin in antioxidant rich grape seed oil.  Next, quench the skin with a pineapple coconut shea butter sugar scrub. Top it off with our hydrating “Bahama Paste”- a vitamin rich yogurt based mask- and a mango melon shea butter massage.

Total Package: $187