Spring beauty looks a bit different this year – traditionally spring is a time for vibrant lip colors, pastel cheeks, and dewy foundation. But wearing masks for the most of the day is making us rethink spring beauty trends. We’ve compiled our top spring beauty tips that are mask friendly but still celebrate the warming weather and new life that spring brings.

Ditch The Heavy Foundation 

This year spring beauty is all about giving your skin a break from heavy foundations. The number one cause of “maskne”? Bacteria, excess oil, and heat trapped under a face mask. Instead of applying a layer of foundation over your entire face, instead choose to spot cover your under eyes and any breakouts or discoloration on your forehead. Opting to go foundation-free on the areas that are covered by a mask reduces the chances of breakouts, lets your skin breath, and doesn’t waste your expensive foundation.  If you’re struggling to control your breakouts, we have specific facials and acne laser treatments to target and eliminate acne. 

Enhance Your Lashes

With half of our faces covered by masks this spring, playing up our eyes is a no brainer! Long, flirty lashes instantly draw attention to the eyes and give a confidence boost. Here at the spa we offer two services that give your lashes an extra boost: a lash lift and lash extensions. 

A lash lift and tint is one of our most popular spring beauty treatments and lasts up to 6 weeks. This service gently perms and dyes your natural lashes to make them darker and give them a curl. This gives the appearance of fuller, longer lashes. It’s a great option for clients who are looking for something natural and cuts down on makeup time in the morning. Our next lash enhancement is lash extensions. During a lash extension appointment, an esthetician meticulously applies false lash extensions to your individual lashes. This option requires a bit more maintenance than lash lifts, but the result will be more dramatic. We recommend that  lash extension clients come in for lash fills every two to three weeks. 

Another wonderful option for clients looking to grow their natural lashes is RapidLash Serum.  This innovative serum formulated with advanced polypeptides helps enhance the appearance of lashes with a simple once a day application. It’s ideal for women and men with brittle, weak, thin or short lashes. 

Adding Soft Color

If you’re still missing the pop of vibrant color that you usually achieve with a bright, flirty lipstick, try adding color to your eyes! A soft pastel eyeshadow is the perfect spring beauty look as it brightens up the face and draws attention to the eyes. If you’re more into a neutral eye, try grabbing a subtle champagne toned shimmer shadow and popping it under the brow bone and in the inner corner of your eyes. This will instantly make you look more awake and lifted.

For more spring beauty tips and tricks, call the spa or stop in for a makeup lesson! Our makeup artists will help guide you in proper techniques and colors that are just right for you.