Why Regular Pedicure Treatments Are Necessary

Regular Pedicure Treatments - Complexions SpaSummer months aren’t the only time you need to make sure to keep your toes and feet healthy. Even when boot season is in full swing, don’t underestimate the importance of keeping up with regular pedicure treatments. Yes, the salon is a great place to escape and relax when it’s chilly outside, but there are other important health benefits to also consider.

With 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles and tendons, all in an effort to keep us upright it’s no wonder they hurt from time to time. So, treat them right all year long, not just during sandal time. Here are some good reasons why:

  • Our nail technicians can identify and help remedy any foot and nail problems, like cracking skin, fungus, corns or calluses.
  • Combining a pedicure with a rebalancing reflexology treatment and healing aromatherapy oils provides additional benefits to your overall wellbeing. Massaging your feet and lower legs loosens your muscles and helps with joint performance, which can be greatly affected by the cold weather. The massage also helps with blood circulation to the foot and lower leg.
  • Harsh winter months can actually make nails more dry and brittle causing, sometimes painful, splitting and breaking. This can lead to ingrown toenails and/or infections. Pedicures help prevent these kind of problems by maintaining not only beautiful, but also healthy feet and nails.
  • Exfoliation helps prevent the growth of calluses and corns. When feet are confined to enclosed winter shoes, your feet are more prone to accumulating calluses and corns.

So…what are you waiting for? Call (518) 489-5231 or visit us schedule a pedicure treatment to schedule your next pedi and save 20% until April 13th!