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We have been in our new Complexions Spa location at 221 Wolf Road for eleven months now.  Earlier this week, I decided to take a quick look at the actual energy savings – if any – we’ve enjoyed thus far.  Here is the quick, back-of-the-napkin rundown:

In our previous location we had 4200 sf.  In our new location we have 8450sf. Thus far, monthly electric bills at 221 Wolf Rd average about $2200.00 which is equal to approximately $.26 per square foot.   After approximating our cost per square foot at the previous 4200 sf. location over several years, I’m happy to announce that total energy costs are down by approximately 34% .  Not too shabby!

This isn’t to say that the recent drop in global commodity prices (energy in particular) hasn’t been noticed. It has – but not because of any short-term monetary gains. On the contrary, the energy twists & turns  have reminded me of how it used to be at our old location where we spent countless hours coming up with superficial ways to reduce our monthly energy bills.  Rather distracting to say the least!  What’s more, at the end of the day, it really didn’t matter what I did because when if oil prices spiked up – so did the bills – regardless of any and all energy saving actions. Which brings me to one of the best parts about having designed and engineered the new Complexions to regulate nearly every power-sucking machine, room and/or appliances in as efficient a manner as possible. Looking back over the last several months, I find it difficult to pinpoint any amount of time spent worrying about such matters. In others words, the new Complexions facility essentially manages itself. And therein lies the magic behind good green construction – it frees you from the growing distractions of uncontrollable energy prices, leaky faucets, left-on light bulbs, inefficient air-circulation systems, etc etc.  So for Complexions, building GREEN definitely cost a bit more upfront – no doubt about that – however ….in the long term ….I believe our investments will more than pay for itself (which is what all good investments do!).

So in summary, the last several months worth of energy savings have exceeded my expectations.  Going GREEN has thus far proved to be a very sound – very pro-growth decision for our company.  Despite doubling both the size and scope of Complexions  via 2x the number of treatment rooms and and nearly 3x the amount of retail square footage we’ve (somehow) managed to keep month-to-month expenses flat (if not down).  Best of all, we’re coming in well below my ‘expected expenses’ long term budget plans- plotted long ago when gas was nearing $4 . Amazing how fast things change.

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