The Next Steps In Wellness

Complexion’s has always been a spa that focuses on the wellness side of the services that we offer but now more than ever we are very careful with how we send this message to our guests.  We do not use words like pampering and luxury.  We have started to explain the benefits of our services along with words like affordable, de-stressing, promoting wellness, mental clarity and more.

We have also committed to continuing our “sparties” on the third Thursday of every month.  This has proven to be a wonderful way for our guests to experience a complimentary sampling of a “featured” vendor or service.  We charge our guests a $25.00 reservation fee which assures they will commit to coming in and they can apply that money toward a retail purchase made that evening for the “featured” product.  We also give our guests a 20% discount on booking their appointment for the full experience of the featured service.

Another wonderful service we have offered to our menu in a 6:30 Metta on the Mat (metta means loving kindness in Thai) morning class.  This is a way for our guests to greet the day with a gentle stretching and meditation.  What a wonderful way to start the day.  We offer fruit, yogurt, tea, and full use of our steam room, sauna, and shower facilities.  This has not only opened up a new influx of clients new to our facility, but it also generated additional income for us at a time that we normally did not have any income.  We are using our relaxation room which is a green house so you can see the sun coming up.  It’s just wonderful.   Even in this economy, there are ways for us a spa owners to get creative and to get back to the true meaning of spa services.  It has always been and should be about the wellness.  I completely disagree with spa services being pampering ……..this is our opportunity as a spa professionals to get back to the origins of the spa industry…..