Summer is right around the corner and glowing skin is always in! A beautiful tan makes you look and feel healthier, slimmer, and more radiant. While you may be tempted to bask in the sun for hours, spray tanning is a much safer option. Here at Complexions Spa we offer spray tan packages year round to ensure you’re always glowing and feeling your best.

If you do opt for sunless tanning this summer, here are some of our estheticians top tips to maintain your spray tan at home:

Prep Before Your Spray Tan

It’s the day before your spray tan appointment: what do you do? Start by exfoliating in the shower with a sugar or salt scrub to remove dead skin and ensure an even tan application. The only thing to be mindful of is using an oil-free exfoliator – oil products should be avoided in general when it comes to spray tans. Thoroughly scrub your skin so you achieve the best results possible. Next, shave skin so you’re completely smooth and hair-free. 

Pro Tip: To avoid irritation, do not shave the morning of your tanning appointment.

Be Mindful of Topical Skincare

To make your new, glowing tan last as long as possible, avoid oils and active ingredients like AHA’s, BHA’s as they will erode your new tan. Opt for fragrance-free body lotions for the best results. If you can’t give up your face skincare routine, your tan will fade faster, but invest in facial tanning drops to maintain your color while still using all your favorite face products. 

Some of our favorite face and body tanning products are from Coola, available directly on our online store and in-spa. These products are wonderful for tanning your face and maintaining and extending the life of your tan.

To learn more about sunless tanning, visit our spray tan page or call the spa to speak with one of our knowledgeable spa professionals.