The Perfect Scalp Treatments

When we think of our beauty routine, we often think of skincare not scalp treatments or even scalp health. Our bathrooms are filled with targeted treatments, modalities, and products for rejuvenation, hydration and cell turnover. Yet we often neglect the scalp, which is the same skin and needs equal amounts of attention and consideration. Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp.

Scalp Health Is Key

Targeted scalp treatments have the ability to regulate sebum production, whether it is under active or overactive, thus allowing the biome of the scalp to regulate back to normalcy.  Scalp treatments can also help to increase the duration of the growth cycle, allowing hair to grow longer and stronger, so that it will stay longer on the scalp without falling or breaking. Targeted scalp therapy can be done in as little as 5 to 10 minutes and may be done 1 to 2 times per week, either at home or in the salon.

We recommend Complex 5 by Renee Furterer as a stand alone treatment or precursor to any scalp therapy or deep conditioning. It is a blend of botanicals, sweet orange and lavender essential oils. Essential oils are naturally antiseptic and antibiotic, killing harmful organisms which allows for a purified environment for hair growth. Complex 5 boosts microcirculation which increases blood flow to the scalp allowing for increased oxygenation and cell turnover. Lastly, Complex 5 clarifies the scalp, sloughing off impurities and dead skin cells. This leaves behind a clean canvas for treatments to penetrate more readily into the scalp so the active ingredients can do their jobs more effectively.

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Targeted At-Home Products For Scalp Issues

Easy, targeted treatments are essential for healthy hair. If you suffer from dry scalp or hair, we recommend the Karite Hydra or Nutri shampoos and masks from Rene Furterer. These products impart the exact amount of moisture you need without leaving behind an uncomfortable film in the hair. Our newest line, LOMA, also has some amazing products that impart moisture back into dry hair. With 85% food grade Aloe Vera, this incredible natural humectant imparts much needed moisture for the thirsty scalp and hair that winter has left exposed.

A final recommendation is the Nourish Deep Conditioner by Loma. This incredible treatment mask is actually a three in one product. First, it can be used as a deep moisturizing treatment left on the hair and scalp for up to 10 minutes. After rinsing, the hair is left feeling soft, silky, and hydrated. It can also be used as a co-wash for curly obsessed clients who don’t want to over use shampoos on their thirsty curls. A small amount may be used as a leave in treatment as well. While wet, work a small amount into the mids and ends of your hair, scrunch, and go!

Professional Scalp Treatments

Are you experiencing scalp issues and are not sure which routine or products are right for you? Stop in our salon and ask any of our talented salon team members, who are certified in the art of scalp treatments and care about what treatment is best for you. Professional scalp treatments can be done as a standalone treatment or added onto a haircut or color service.