Achieve The Perfect Home Blowout

Home Blowout Technique Perfect Home Blowout - Complexions SpaNothing compares to a smooth, frizz-free blowout that lasts for days! It’s the ultimate confidence boost, not to mention a huge time savor when you wake up the next morning with your blowout still intact. Complexions Master Stylist, Danielle, has created a step-by-step blowout guide to help you achieve the perfect blowout at home.

Whether you want a sleek and straight hair style or glamorous full-bodied waves, the key to any blowout is starting with great products and tools. Danielle recommends investing in a professional quality ionic blow dryer for the best results.


  1. Start by shampooing and conditioning hair with hydrating products. If you are prone to frizziness, look for items that are free of sulfates and parabens. Harsh detergents and preservatives can over dry your hair. Try Eufora Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner.
  2. Next, run a curl enhancer through the ends of your hair. Remember, applying too much product at the root of your hair will leave you looking greasy. Look for products that add moisture to help breathe life back into dry, damaged ends. Try Eufora Curl’n Forming Cream.
  3. Divide hair into two-inch sections.
  4. Start with a thermal ceramic or boar round brush and pull it down from the roots to dry them straight for a modern look or place the brush underneath to add height to flat hair; continuously rolling the brush at the ends to smooth and dry completely. Hair that is not 100% dry will end up frizzing.
  5. Once the roots of the section are dry, twirl the ends away from your face with your hands or brush. Hit hair with the dryer, finishing with a shot of cold air to set the wave.
  6. Run a serum through the ends to repel humidity. Try Eufora Nourish Beautifying Serum.


  1. Work a straightening balm through wet hair. Use a product that gives you added control, straightens and smooths frizzy hair. Try Eufora Smooth’n Straightening Balm.
  2. Divide hair into even one to two-inch sections.
  3. Using a flat, boar and nylon bristle paddle brush makes achieving straight hair easier. Start at the roots, stretching your hair downward as you dry. Be sure to use tension to pull the hair straight.
  4. After your hair is dry, smooth out your ends by running a flatiron through large sections. Remember, don’t turn up the heat too high – 350 degrees is the highest you should go. This will give you sleek, straight hair without creating any extra damage.

Bonus Tip!

Make it last: Prolong your blowout by sleeping on a silk pillowcase. Silk won’t create friction and prevents frizz.

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