It’s estimated by the CDC that roughly 20% of U.S. adults live with chronic pain and 8% of U.S. adults deal with high-impact chronic pain. These percentages translate to roughly 70 million people across the United States. Finding treatments for chronic pain can be frustrating, and oftentimes overwhelming. While traditional medical intervention can be helpful, adding holistic health practices into your lifestyle can be extremely beneficial. 

Physical Activity 

In addition to its physical benefits such as increased bone density, weight loss, and the prevention of chronic disease, exercise has many benefits to overall health. These include mental wellness, skincare, and pain management.

It wasn’t long ago that doctors used to recommend rest to help avoid increased pain. Now, studies have shown that the right exercises can actually improve chronic pain. However, everyone with chronic pain is different, so it may take time to find the workout that benefits you best. Always consult a doctor before starting any new exercise program. 

Professional Spa Treatments

The spa is no longer just a place for relaxation and pampering. Many of our treatments have therapeutic benefits that can aid in pain management. Look for spa treatments that combine the beneficial treatments of water therapies with massage or other treatments. For example, a warm-bath soak followed by a healing massage can reduce muscle pain and boost immune strength.

Hydrotherapy is the practice of using water for treatment and pain relief. Water treatments can be done at a spa or at home, and popular hydrotherapies include:

  •  Watsu: massage therapy while floating in a warm water pool
  •  Compresses: towels soaked in cool or warm water to treat body pains (cool compresses reduce inflammation and swelling; warm compresses promote blood flow and soothe sore muscles)
  • Balneotherapy: warm-water baths with beneficial salts, minerals, oils, or herbs
  • Steam baths: steam rooms filled with warm, humid air and in some cases essential oils are diffused

Contrast hydrotherapy: alternating between hot and cool temperatures during a shower, or switching from hot steam baths to cool pools.

People under high stress or in need of pain management may benefit from weekly massages or even a few times per week, depending on the level of discomfort. Frequency typically decreases over time and eventually people get to a maintenance level of going biweekly or monthly. While all of our massages can be therapeutically beneficial, we recommend our CBD Massage or Therapeutic Percussion Massage for those looking to manage pain. These massages include modalities that provide deep relaxation and reduce muscle tension. 

If you’re looking for an added boost to your spa routine, LED Light Therapy can be purchased in a series and added onto any spa treatment. LED Light Therapy –  the application of specific wavelengths of light to tissue to obtain therapeutic benefits.  Research has shown this to be an effective therapeutic modality to promote the healing of skin wounds, decrease inflammatory cells, increase microcirculation, and to increase collagen and elastin synthesis. It is an excellent therapy to rejuvenate the skin, treat acne, decrease inflammation and increase microcirculation reducing pain.  

Stop in the spa to speak with one of our spa professionals about creating a pain management program just for you.