Hand Wellness Is Great, But Don’t Forget About Your Feet!

Complexions Spa Manicure & Pedicure Albany & Saratoga, NYFrom 90 degree highs to 60 degree lows, the weather outside hasn’t exactly been predictable or entirely comfortable this week. Good news, though, when you need an escape from the elements, or just the hustle of getting back into the school year grind, a quick break for some nail pampering can often do the trick.

Whether you prefer a luxury lather treatment, like our Spa Mani-kur, to prevent drying autumn hands, a fall-time mani that models the season’s latest color trends or a fun, statement-making nail art to remind you of summer fun, our nail technicians can achieve just the treatment you need for a temporary getaway.

Complexions Spa Manicure & Pedicure Albany & Saratoga, NY

(Nails by Jennifer Carey)

Yes, it’s true. Many of the summertime outdoor activities are fading and the weather cooling, but a visit to Complexions’ Nail Lounge can take you away from that reality and offer a brief getaway experience we often look for in summer vacations.
Complexions Spa Manicure and Pedicure

We re-create resort-style comfort by offering a soothing experience each time you visit. Not only will you enjoy a warm neck wrap filled with seasonal spices, but you will also enjoy the most calming aromatherapy-scented soaking water, reconditioning treatment and creamy cuticle care.

Complexions Spa Products & SpecialsPlus, we will help you fight winter dryness by preventing it from happening to begin with. All our treatments are designed to provide nourishment, but be sure to check out our Fall Pedi Package to give your feet the same love in the later months as you do during sandal season. Though it is important to keep nails and hands looking pretty during the winter, that doesn’t mean you should neglect your feet if you want to avoid painful, rough heels on your soles.