Find The Perfect Pedicure Package

After a long and cold winter, there’s nothing like the first spring pedicure to start off the season just right. Yes, perfectly polished toes and smooth heels are completely refreshing, but did you know that there are some actual health benefits too?

  1. Improve blood circulation – If your feet are always cold, you might have some circulation issues. Pedicures involve therapeutic aromatherapy oils, massage, warm water, and plenty of scrubbing— all of which help to increase blood flow in the foot and calf area, which creates warmer feet and better circulation.
  2. Nix dry feet – If you have dry or cracked skin post-winter, you aren’t alone, but a pedicure can help. Plus, cuticles that are not cut back can look dry, causing your feet to look years older. A good pedicure will get rid of all that dry skin under and on top of your feet.
  3. De-Stress – With a pampering pedi. Indulging yourself with a pedicure once per month is a great way to let go of all the stresses that come with seasonal, personal and work life. Leave your phone in your purse as you enjoy your pedicure. There’s no better way to get rid of all those troubles than to shut the world out while you enjoy a foot scrub for an hour!

So, now that you know why a spring pedicure package might be the right wellness option for you, take a look at this offer. This Spring, we will be featuring these three amazing foot pampering options for your wellness and beauty needs, all for the price of $187.


Pamper your tired feet with this perfectly brewed, decadent delight for an amazing pick-me-up.  Enjoy a caffeinated coffee scrub to exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin, followed by a chocolate mask packed with antioxidants and natural oils that soften and lock in moisture.  The energizing treatment is then finished off  with a caramel body milk massage that will leave your feet silky smooth.

Honey Lavender Parfait

Experience the mouth-watering scents of spring in this treatment, it is sure to make you feel like you are in a gourmet marketplace. The indulgent ritual begins with a sparkling tub soak filled with an antioxidant-rich magnolia flower-honey infusion. Next, you will enjoy a raw honey-lavender and rice bran oil scrub down.  The exfoliation process is then followed by a cooling bentonite clay with lingering hints of active yogurt, wild honey and oats that instantly soothe and soften feet. The pedicure finishes with a therapeutic massage using creamy Shea butter, fragranced with mint julep and lavender notes.

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Mother Glows Best

Named in honor of Mother’s Day to recognize mothers that deserve such royal replenishment time, this pedicure begins with feet and legs being dipped into sparkling, vitamin-rich soaking oils with a vibrant clementine scent. Next, fine-grained sweet cream salt scrub is worked into tired feet and legs, smoothing the rough edges and revealing the new skin beneath. You will then enjoy the fully relaxing pleasure of steaming towels treated with honey, aloe and live papaya fruit cells. The wrap will soften your feet and relax tired muscles. This is then topped-off with a silky massage using a floral Shea butter infusion containing blood orange oil and live fruit cells to bring legs and feet back to life.