Custom Facial Rejuvenation Programs

Let our knowledgeable aestheticians craft a customized facial rejuvenation program which combines the most appropriate modalities for optimal results. Your aesthetician will develop a treatment program according to your individual needs and goals. We believe strongly that it is a partnership between what you do at home and your professional med spa services. Together we can work toward the most beneficial and rewarding program resulting in a rejuvenated, vibrant skin condition.

Clinical Consultation $85.00book now

Visia Skin Analysis

We are pleased to offer a unique skin analysis consultation using VISIA® – an advanced 3D digital complexion analysis system. This scientific approach uses a sophisticated imaging system combined with a one-on-one consultation with one of our experienced estheticians. The results obtained from the VISIA® skin analysis system will provide detailed information regarding UV photo damage, pores, bacteria, wrinkles, vascular health, textual variations, lash analysis, along with percentile scores which will provide the framework for creating a customized treatment program designed specifically for you and your desired results.  We can even to side by side comparison images to show progress.

Each consultation includes a personal home care starter kit to get you on track to your skin care goals.

 $125.00book now

All custom facial rejuvenation treatment programs include:

  • thorough skin analysis
  • discussion of goals and concerns
  • appropriate home care starter kit
  • patch test for skin sensitivity
  • modality selection and treatment plan
  • post procedure home care kit