Last week we discussed the use of soap in facial cleansing and the disadvantages. This week, we will talk about facial cleansing gels and creams and the benefits of each.

Cleansing involves both a chemical and a physical interaction with the stratum corneum to maintain the biofilm on the surface of the skin. Cleansing can also facilitate the exfoliation process by dislodging oils and debris by incorporating gentle alpha hydroxy acids like lactic acid (one of the most gentle), which is also found in our skin. It is considered the “giving acid” because of it’s ability to also offer hydration. Cleansing gels and creams tend to have a milder ph of around 5.5-7 resulting in less dehydration and less stripping of the intercellular lipids. The difference between a gel and cream or milky is that the cream or milky can also offer more hydration and the gel will dissolve more sebum trapped in the pores.

We also get asked about facial brushes. Today’s electric facial brushes now oscillate, meaning they move clockwise alternating with counterclockwise movements in a sonicating fashion. As long as you do not use pressure, these brushes added to the use of your cleansing gel or cream do a fine job by maximizing the amount of dead skin removal and producing a noticeable skin smoothness.
When rinsing the cleanser off it is also suggested to use a tepid temperature. Too hot a temperature can cause dehydration.

If you have questions about which cleansing product is best for your skin type, stop by and see one of our professional estheticians. You can also enjoy a complimentary Herbal Facial cleansing and analysis. During this 15 minute evaluation, your skin will be cleansed, gently exfoliated and hydrated. We will also look at your skin under the woods lamp to determine the most desirable products for your personal needs. We look forward to seeing you soon.