Keep That Summer Glow All Winter Long

Keep Your Summer Glow - Complexions SpaThe final days of summer are upon us, which has everyone rushing outdoors to soak up that last bit of summer sun. Whether you’re packing up for one last day at the beach with the family, or just want one more day to lay by the pool with your girlfriends, everyone’s skin ends up a little more “sun-kissed” than we expected. While there is no substitute for applying a good sunscreen, there are plenty of ways to heal, refresh and revitalize your skin after environmental damage.

When Hydration Isn’t Enough

To further restore sun-damaged skin, our Skin Rejuvenation Treatment performed using the Ellipse I2PL light therapy is the perfect solution for many common skin imperfections and one of our most impressive anti-aging services. I2PL Skin Rejuvenation Treatments help keep your skin looking younger, fresher and more evenly-toned. One of the many side-effects of too much sun exposure is uneven brown spots or discoloration, also known as solar keratosis. The safe, visible light emitted from the Ellipse flash-lamp removes these brown spots, diffuses redness and improves the actual texture of your skin by cultivating collagen synthesis. I2PL treatments give you gradual, natural improvement with long lasting results. It can be used to treat the full face, neck, chest and even the backs of the hands.

“I2PL is one of my favorite anti-aging treatments that I recommend to our guests,” says Denise Dubois, owner of Complexions Spa. “We suggest two treatments annually to eliminate signs of aging, skin damage and to turn back the hands of time.”

For the month of September, receive a FREE Cosmedixs Simply Brilliant Brightening Serum with the purchase of an I2PL Skin Rejuvenation Treatment. A $60 value. Book today by calling 518-489-5231 or reserve an appointment online.

The Simply Brilliant Brightening Serum improves dull, discolored and uneven skin and combats hyperpigmentation without the use of harsh chemicals. This unique formula also helps prevent future sunlight-induced pigmentation.

Hydrate & Protect

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated, and the same rule applies when it comes to skin care. Our skin is made up of billions of cells, all of which are made primarily of water. Without proper hydration, your skin can become dry, flaky and tight. Not only will this affect the immediate appearance of skin, but it can make skin more prone to aging and wrinkles. The good news is there are several ways to combat dry skin. Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day and use a hydrating moisturizer.